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Monday Preview - Executioner


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Happy Monday Wyrdos!  Now you might be thinking to yourself "Hey, the Executioner isn't new!".  And while the model has been around for a while, we are happy to show off the new Executioner Advanced Pursuit from Above the Law.  Without further ado, let's take a look!


The Executioner is an advanced pursuit for the upcoming Through the Breach expansion, Above the Law. As the name suggests, Executioners eschew subtlety for raw, visceral murdering potential.

Originally, Executioners were bodyguards and enforcers that traveled alongside the Guild's circuit judges as they made the rounds between the northern Contract Towns, settling disputes and bringing the Guild's law to the frontier. When the M&SU came into power, the willingness of Northerners to submit to Guild justice dwindled, and eventually, the circuit judges simply stopped leaving the city. The Executioners were folded into the ranks of the Guild Guard, where they have become powerful tools of intimidation and carnage.

To become an Executioner, a character has to demonstrate complete and unwavering loyalty to the Guild. If they pass the Guild's tests and agree to accept the invitation, the character is then marched off to the Amalgamation Office to have one or more of their hands replaced with deadly Executioner Claws.

As a new Executioner continues to serve the Guild, she gradually becomes more and more certain of her purpose. This grants her the powerful Love the Job Talent, which allows her to heal every time she deals a Severe Critical Effect to an opponent... and to heal quite a bit more if that Critical Effect kills her target.

By far the most amazing ability possessed by experienced Executioners, however, is the Bloody Exhibition Trigger. It takes two Rams to trigger, but if her target is suffering from one or more Critical Effects, she gains a +Ram to her attack flip, making it much easier for her to quickly bring down a wounded opponent.

Boss fights of the world beware, the Executioner is here!

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5 minutes ago, Merry_HangedMan said:

OK, so how do they eat with both hands replaced? :blink:

In TTB's Into the Steam, an Augmented (Basic Pursuit) can switch out their hands with Executioner Claws. It states that they have to be fed by others. So I guess an Executioner would have to either make some close friends, or simply convince others to feed her lest they face her claws.

Also, Wyrd, I beg of you to make an alt Executioner model (either like this or the other artwork in Ripples of Fate), and one that's easily accessible. 

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14 minutes ago, Merry_HangedMan said:

OK, so how do they eat with both hands replaced? :blink:

With great difficulty, usually.

You basically need to have someone on hand to help you get through the more awkward moments of life.

Fortunately, the Guild has a whole lot of minor criminals who don't want to end up on the Hanging Tree. It works itself out.

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On ‎12‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 2:02 PM, Merry_HangedMan said:

OK, so how do they eat with both hands replaced? :blink:

My local group brought this up and we figured that being of such a special rank in the Guild the Executioners would have someone assigned as a caretaker. Or they would have the pull to order someone to do the job.

Both pieces of character art are great. The latter in particular would make an excellent miniature on the table top.

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