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[Russia] WarMaster Novice Tournament 35ss 9/12

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Dear all,

I will be happy to see you 9/12/2017 at 11-00 Moscow time on Novice Tournament 35ss  in WarMaster club located Ostapovskiy proezd 3/6, app 403.

We will use strategies/schemes of Gaining Grounds 2017:

1)Collect Bounty,  Standart deployment
Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Leave Your Mark, Show Of Force, Hunting Party 
2)Extraction, Flank deployment
Claim Jump, Frame For Murder, Dig Their Graves, Undercover Entourage, Search The Ruins 
3)Headhunter, Close deployment
Claim Jump, Eliminate The Leadership, Accusation, Show Of Force, Last Stand 

I'm waiting for YOU!;)

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