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Monthly painting challenge -- December


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It's the final month of the 2017 painting challenge!

What is this?:  This is a friendly painting community, not a competition.  Remember that this is a fan-based thing only, and is not sponsored or approved by Wyrd in any way (i.e., screw-ups are on me, not them.). 

Rules:   Models count for the month in which you finish them.  Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge, but that means it is now too late to sign up this year.  

Tracking sheet: can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fUeZczizoFoMjwVDcJVpJtYkKiRvTOf5HpniRHrmijU/edit?usp=sharing

Posting:  At the START of the month: post a photo of your unpainted minis and any plans for them you have.  In the MIDDLE of the month: post work in progress photos if you want, or just banter about ideas.  At the END of the month: post your finished models and the Soul Stone Cost painted, and I will get this on the tracking sheet.  Post this by the end of the month.  And include the total soul stones painted. 

Great stamina shown by Wyrd painters this year---way to hang in there!  Around the corner and into the home stretch, and ...

... Go!

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This painting challenge has been amazing for my productivity - 87 models painted in 2017 so far! I am going to push for 13 models in December to round out to triple digits!

Also, i am just 9 models away from having at least one sculpt of every released Outcast model painted, so that is my other goal.

Initial pledge: Ama No Zako 9SS, Aionus 12SS,  Doc Mitchell 3SS , Karina 5ss, Montressor 9SS, Lady Ligeia 4SS, Winged Plague x 2 (4SS each) and The Guilty 5SS.

Total of 55SS.


The remaining models from the Outcast faction are Steam Trunk, Shang, and Midnight Stalker. I still need to get these in hand, but I have a line on each to get them

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I am going to paint some Gremlins again, with:


  • 2 Young LaCroix (I do not know where the third one is) - 2 Soulstones each
  • Raphael - 7 Soulstones
  • Rami - 7 Soulstones
  • Burt Jebsen - 7 Soulstones
  • Piglet - 4 Soulstones

and maybe something of that list:



  • Lucky Emissary
  • War Wabbit
  • Aionus
  • 1 Kroko

so that's a minimum of 29 Soulstones :-)

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This month I'm committing to:

  • Alt-Nekima (13)
  • Emeline Bellerose (8)
  • Dr. Dufresne (15)
  • Lone Swordsman (8)
  • Doppleganger (8)
  • Mature Nephilim (11)
  • Scion of the Void (8)

for a total of 71 if my math is right. I'll probably get more done as I've started all of these, Scion and Nekima are almost done although I'm struggling with Nekima's wings currently.

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Hello monthly challenge painters!  For this final month of the 2017 challenge I am going to paint Aionus and 2 Tengu.  


I have also started working on some terrain bits for the clockwork spider factory board I have planned out in my head.  This will become a priority soon, right after I build a 6' x 3' X-Wing trench run board for an event in a couple weeks.  Then, back to Malifaux!  

We are down to approximately 1/4 of the painters that started this journey.  The few, the brave, the strong.  It has been a blast, guys and gals.  I am happy to announce that one of you brave souls has agreed to run this painting challenge next year---our very own Franchute!  

Okay, to the painting table!

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@prof_bycid I am one of those who fell by the wayside (work/travel etc) but enjoyed it enormously whilst entered and continue to do so as an "outsider"....I would like to thank you for all your good humoured work in keeping the challenge running and wish you great enjoyment in your upcoming projects

@Franchute Yay ! Thanks for agreeing to keep the challenge going next year...work will probably have me falling by the wayside again but I really enjoy the community the challenge creates


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I can't believe it has been a year already! For this last month I'm going to get a few of the big boys:

* Talos - 8 SS

* Ashes and dust - 13 SS

* Ashes Core - 5 SS

* Dust - 5 SS

* Wokou pirate - 8 SS

* Malifaux Child - 2 SS

For a total of 41 SS. I'll update this post tonight with the proper pictures.   

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I painted the Eternal Flame for 2 soulstones:


I wanted to do it fast so I used my technique to paint rusty metal, which is my lazy way of painting metal. Given that the rust has a lots of orange, I thought that blue flames would go well with it instead of the standard yellow/orange/red flames. The problem I have now is that I don't know how to paint the fire gamins. Before painting the totem, I had applied some yellow base colour to them. But now that I've chosen to paint the flames of the totem in blue I dont know what to do with the gamins' flames: it might not go well with the totem if I paint them in yellow/orange/red.

Here is the current state of my gamins:


Should I repaint them in blue? Should I stick to standard fire for the gamins? Or maybe should I keep the yellow and paint their fire in blue? What do you think?

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Phew, knew December would be a crazy ride, so I planned to be able to paint the fewest models to hit my goal (woth more optionals, of course).

Genbu/Izamu (10ss), Hodgepodge Emissary (10ss), Nekima (13ss) for sure, then may get to the Tanuki x3 (15). All told that'd be 48ss.


I'm going to try and the A Wyrd Place's crew box challenge as well, with alt Raspy. Assuming she gets here with time to spare, I'l post another starting picture for them.

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I was able to finish datsue bah, It is the first time I've tried to do OSL. I'm really happy with the effect on the face, though I'm not entirely happy with the robes.

Oh well, I'll leave it at this for the moment but I might revisit her later on. I also assembled the Jury. I have an upcoming game with lady justice next week so I'll field her for the first time. I'm not sure if I will be able to finish her though.

And finally, for the same reason I'm working on my brutal effigy. It is still WIP, mainly the cloak shoes and hat still need to be painted.




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