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[Frederick, MD] Winter Murderland 3 person Team event

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Capital City Winter Murderland will be a three person team Malifaux event held at the Historic Haven in Frederick, MD on January 13th and 14th, 2018. It's the same venue we had such success with at the last Capital City Meltdown. 

It will be a five round tournament, held over two days. We will include a catered lunch on both days, and the Frederick downtown area has great bars and restaurants for us to relax at afterward. The Haven allows players to BYOB during the events, and we're hoping for a relaxed but still competitive atmosphere.

Each round, Team Captains will set pairings for max value(tm)! Each team member will play a standard 50 soulstone game of Malifaux each round, and the scores will be compiled together. 

We will be using 2018 rules, though we are waiting until the rules set finalizes before producing our finalized rules packet. 
Tickets are $40.00 from now until Midnight, Eastern Time on 12/14/2017, where they will go to $50 each. Each team member will need a ticket and it includes their catered lunch.

Here is the current rules packet version 0.5. Schemes and strats will be forthcoming

Reserve your spot now by using PayPal to send payment to WinterMurderland@gmail.com. Any questions can go there as well.


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