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Winter Wonderland issue

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The Winter Wonderland models are coming in and immediately going out the door, so we expect everyone will have their models within short order! We wanted to give everyone a heads up, and a look at the

Hey everyone! We got back to the office after a nice Thanksgiving break, cracked open the shipping boxes to start shipping out orders, and… uh oh.  At some point in the manufacturing process

I hate you! Ordered! Enjoy my money!

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Does make me a little sad at least from what I can tell looking at the pics, I would have preferred if Raspy's head had been tilted up more like the art so she was looking forward rather than slightly downward like the model seems to be.  I know she is elevated so she is on a higher plane then others, which is likely why she is looking down, but that really makes sense if she is looking at someone right in front of her.  As a Blaster her targets will generally be at a distance so it would make sense for her head to be level rather than tilted down so much.  There are a few other little things from art to model but there always are *And I like the box overall more than her actual box so overall it was a large plus*.  That all said it will be interesting painting her as I don't have a lot of experience with snow.

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