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Sowing the Seeds, A Teddy short story

Da Git

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So, I've been doing a few conversions for some Neverborn characters to fit into my growing Fae-born.  My latest one is Teddy and thought I'd do some background material to go him...  If you have any feedback or C&C, much appreciation would be had!  Cheers!

Sowing the Seeds


Teddy was utterly bored and miserable.  It had been hours since he had followed Pandora into the marshes of the bayou and his hopes and dreams of an exciting adventure had been squashed as thoroughly as the hundreds of flies mattered to his dank fur.  He wondered if he would ever be clean again?  After all, who would want to play with a soaked, filthy teddy?  And Teddy loved games, almost as much as he loved adventures.  Maybe more.  No no that’s crazy, he thought, adventures are much better than games.

What was that?  He snapped out of his reverie as he thought he saw some dancing lights in the corner of his button eyes.  There it was again!  Forgetting all about Pandora in an instant, he stomped off after these mysterious lights.  Finally, this was the adventure he’d been hoping for!

Pandora shook her head in frustration, she hated going to Zoraida’s hut and a mopey teddy was no company.  She let it go, she would pick it up on the way back.

* * *

Days had passed, and Teddy was still no closer to catching the lights or solving the mystery as the lights seemed to dance tantalisingly close before vanishing, only to reappear again in the distance.  Still, the journey had not been without it’s pleasures.  Yesterday, Teddy had found a playmate bent over, intent on whatever it was holding.  Teddy grinned happily and nudged him gently with his finger.  The playmate went sprawling, a small round shiny rolling out of its hands.  As if waking from a dream, the playmate saw Teddy, gave a blood-curdling scream and ran.  Excellent idea, thought teddy!  Chasey was one of his favourite games! 

Sadly, it didn’t take long to catch the smaller playmate and gobble him up.  He’d then gone back to the small shiny and ate that too for good measure.  It was then the dancing lights reappeared, as if waiting for Teddy to finish his game.

Deep in Teddy’s gullet, the small seed sprouted.

* * *

Teddy woke from his daydreaming as he hit solid ground.  Now utterly filthy from his journey, his fur tattered and torn, pieces of the playmate poking through holes.  But that wasn’t all, for a thorny brush had taken root within with branches poking through his tattered fur.  Surprisingly, Teddy was pleased with this new development, he loved surprises!  Looking around, he found himself within a surrounded by dense golden foliage and a path leading up to a stone table engraved with symbols and scored with channels caked in blood.  In another twist of Fate, Teddy found that he recognised the symbols, though he could no place or read them.

Passing the table, he found a winged playmate sitting on a throne of stone.  Lifting its head, it said. “Welcome to your new home, my dear Teddy. Serve me well and I’m sure we shall become the best of friends!  Teddy was confused, didn’t he already have a best friend? But whenever he tried to picture her face, something twisted painfully in is head.  He shrugged and forgot about it instantly as above the playmate, a strange winged creature appeared.  Teddy grinned as the lights he’d followed across the marshes danced played across its iridescent skin.  The new playmate stood and declared “Here is the goal you seek, I give him to you as a present for your loyalty. May the adventures never end…”

Teddy grinned as he bounded joyously after his new playmate.  Nothing was better than adventures!

Titania smiled to herself as she resumed her throne, watching her new subject.  At her right, Aeslin stepped forward, “If only the captains wouldn’t be so obstinate, your Grace”.  Titania smiled again, “All in good time my Dryw. Besides if they weren’t obstinate, they wouldn’t make very good captains would they.  The seeds of their fall are already being sown”

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