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Can I learn a new skill?

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after each session your fatemaster should offer a skill for you to learn as well as skills for you to increase (I usually offer 2 new and 2 increases and let them choose one of each) these will be things you used during on the session so if you used social skills your fm should let you choose one. 


alternatively every pursuit has a type of skill (combat, academic etc) that you can always learn even if the fm doesn't give you the option. 

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The correct version is:

During a game, the Fatemaster should keep track of which Skills each character uses, often by just noting them down under the character's name on a piece of scrap paper.

At the end of the session, each character gains 1 Experience Point (XP).

After the characters have gained their XP for the session, the Fatemaster chooses two Skills from that character's list and presents them to the character as possible avenues for advancement. The character also has the option of advancing in certain Skills as determined by their current Pursuit.

Once the character has looked over their possible options for Skill advancement, they choose one Skill to advance. If the character does not have any Ranks in the chosen Skill, they gain 1 Rank in that Skill without having to spend XP.  If the character has 1 or more Ranks in the Skill, they may spend a number of XP equal to the Skill's current Rank to increase its Rank by +1.

Then the character can spend 1 XP to learn a Skill Trigger for any of their Skills with 3+ ranks.


If you want your character to advance in Social Skills, you can either attempt lots of Social Skills in the hopes that the Fatemaster will choose one as a possible advancement opportunity, or you can choose a Pursuit that will all you to advance in Social Skills (such as Performer).

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