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Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Results

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What a strange couple of weeks!  Thank you so much for your continued participation in this contest.  We wouldn't have the amazing and spectacular works to 'ooh' and 'aah' over if it weren't for you all submitting them!  We here in the office continue to be blown away by the quality of the pieces we see. 

It is time to go over the round three results! Keep in mind we have posted only the results in this thread.  The Round Four announcement can be found here: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/132964-iron-painter-2017-round-four-announcement/


The Gold Tier had some spectacular works once again.  While every work was great, there's always a winner and a loser in the Iron Painter.  I am going to remind people of the head to heads and list the winner next to it.  Pairings for the next Round will be included in the Round Four announcement thread.  A reminder that the people who lose in Gold will be put into the Silver bracket to continue competing.

Glamage vs Dirty > Glamage Wins!

Octavus vs Demonn Agram > Octavus Wins!

Neveroddoreven vs Whirler > Whirler Wins!

Icatsai vs Stark > Stark Wins!  



The Silver Tier has some wonderful pieces!  As always though, one person is able to continue on their trek to the end, and another must be defeated.    But remember that even those who lose this Round will continue to duke it out in Bronze!  Below are the results.

Hellogre vs SevenThirtySeven > SevenThirtySeven Wins!

Sleepwalker vs Bozydar > Sleepwalker Wins!

Nathillien vs TheArtofWargaming > TheArtofWargaming Wins!

SallyFN vs Warrior4520 > SallyFN Wins!

Max Kurdo vs Buntman > Buntman Wins!

Joe Cool vs Mr Lucky > Joe Cool Wins!

Heavy vs Alex_Vulfhart > Heavy Wins!

Sabla vs Hero of the Rev > Sabla Wins!



The Bronze tier continued to impress with some awesome works!  Duking it out for a better chance at the raffle, they showed how much they still want to win.  A reminder that if you lose in bronze, you are eliminated but should STILL continue to submit works.  If you do not complete every round, you will not be eligible for the raffle.  

Neoezekiel vs Helldrad > Helldrad Wins!

OneGreenOrk vs Junkie > Junkie Wins!

Philosfr vs Annanas > Annanas Wins!

Argailwall vs Vxghost > Argailwall Wins!

Zanna vs ArD > Zanna Wins!

Stonewall78 vs Jason13  > Jason13 Wins!

DarthSlider vs Jpowah > DathSlider Wins!

Fenix729 vs Kendra Namednil > Fenix729 Wins!

Guslado vs Spikes > Guslado Wins!

Natsugawa vs Nikshe > Natsugawa Wins!

Alex S. vs Regia > Regia Wins!

Seneca vs Maulwurfmann > Seneca Wins!

Wildchevy vs Linus McMold > Wildchevy Wins! 

Sol_Sorrowsong vs Blage > Blage Wins!

Onebitpixel vs Akler > Akler Wins!

Tinman vs Senya1987 > Senya1987 Wins!

FoolishMonkey vs Phosphexborn > Phosphexborn Wins! 

King of Draconis vs Gaspard > Gaspard Wins!

Asmenoth vs Dragonkey > Dragonkey Wins! 

Reservoir Dog vs Reservoir Dog > Reservoir  Dog Wins! 

Zatch vs Kilvo > Kilvo Wins! 

H4ml3t vs Dlenok > Dlenok Wins!


A quick reminder that even if you lost in Bronze you can and should still participate by submitting a miniature for every Round in order to be eligible for the raffle at the end!

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