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Win, Lose or Boar - 7 July 2018

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I’m pleased to announce the third in my series of 4 events for 2018.

Win, Lose or Boar is a 1-day tournament consisting of 3 rounds and will take place on Saturday, 7 July 2018.

The venue is Warboar Games, 28, The Mall, Bromley BR1 1TS

It will use Gaining Grounds 2018 and will be a ranked 50ss fixed faction event.

There is plenty of space so we can easily take up to 40 players to start with.

Tickets are £15 each.

The dates for all of the events in this series are:

24 February - 3 Rounds 

28 April - 4 Rounds

7 July - 3 Rounds

20-21 October - 5 Rounds

Tickets can be purchased on the Warboar Games website at www.warboargames.co.uk/events-tickets

Any questions, please post below or private message me.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Attendees list:

Tom Skitt

Rich Walters

Arran Jones

Grant Dickenson

Francois Langton

Tim Porter

Rob Jones

Troy Ashdown

Andy Bradshaw

Reice Chaudhry

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3 hours ago, arkan said:

I've bought my ticket, but when will the schemes/strats be available? or are they a secret?

Great news. I think I’ll be announcing in the day. Bit of a surprise for you all then! 😊

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9 hours ago, AJ said:

Just paid. What's the start times For the rounds John 

Not had confirmation from Warboar as yet but hoping for registration at 10, game 1 at 10.30, round 2 at 1.30 and round 3 at 3.45.

I will update the first post as soon as I have confirmation. 

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