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Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Resser)

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I disagree on Izamu. The reason he has no (0) action is probably that he has Melee Expert. Making Reform a (0) action would be too much, it will turn him effectively into a 4 AP 10ss model. If I were asked to propose some buff for him I would give him maybe a defensive trigger on Tomes "Yojimbo's Duty" (yeah, I know he wasn't a yojimbo, but it sounds cool) that increases his Df by 2 for the duration of the duel.

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Do not agree on the Crooked Men being OK. When was the last time you saw them on the table? Even summoned? 

If they were perhaps a little faster or just one more Df, I would be far more likely to take them. As they are, unless you know for sure you are facing a lot of :ranged/Sh, they die like crazy.

Or change their Shafted ability so it is actually useful. I've never seen it used or even attempted to be honest. 

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