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Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina


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1 hour ago, Nathan Caroland said:

This Rasputina box doesn't include an adventure booklet: it's just the models. 

On another note, we'll have a list of goodies out for next week's Black Friday / Company Birthday sale come Monday afternoon. Right now, everyone's off at PAX Unplugged to show off Malifaux, the Other Side, and board games to the masses. If you're down in Philadelphia, swing on by the booth to say hello!

I can't decide whether to :( the first point (no booklet), or :D the second point... Roll on Monday!

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2 minutes ago, Da Git said:

That's what I want to know, I wasn't planning to do an order this year, but I really want this set! 

Yeah, I won't have any money for things for myself until just after the new year so I'd be kind of bummed if its a black friday sell only kinda deal.

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On 16/11/2017 at 7:45 PM, Nathan Caroland said:

The box will be a limited release. As of last year or so, we decided to stop doing prereleases as a way to help out the brick and mortar stores that carry our products. 

We have three different core demographics for our products: those that love assembling our miniatures but don't play the game, those that love playing the game but don't like to assemble miniatures, and the "Alpha Wyrdos" who love assembling our miniatures and then getting them out onto the table. 

Our core Malifaux products require a fair bit of assembly, and that's not going to change anytime in the near future. The Twisted Alternatives line of preassembled plastic lets us offer some fun alternative models to that second demographic of player that doesn't want to spend their time gluing each individual strand of hair to Yan Lo's chin.  :P

No matter which group you fall into, we hope that you can at least understand our attempts to offer some fun preassembled miniatures to folks that don't like model assembly (or to those who just like the idea of samurai turtles and killer snowmen). Different strokes for different folks and all that.

This is awesome ! I like the twisted alternatives series. I hope we get more in the future !

I am just a bit disappointed this is a limited release only and not something permanent as the Hare & Tortoise box.

But hey maybe the success of this box will make you change your mind :D

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