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Gary's Grimoire Emporium and Notary Public!


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👩‍🏫Aside from being a silly shop to include in ttb sessions, this post is intended to serve as a basis for unique Grimoire ideas, much like the villain coffee shop. After a cursory search of the forum I didn't see a place dedicated to Grimoires, so felt like kicking things off myself with one I just came up with today. 

And now, without further ado, I present...


The Epi-tome

Magical theory: Any

Magia: All

Immuto: All

Special rule: This item may only be used once per session for a single spell, but may declare any Magia and any Immuto for the spell, bypassing restrictions set by the user's current magical theory or any need to study beforehand. However, such a rush of magic all at once has negative effects, and imparts a :-flip to all mental and willpower duels for the rest of the scene. 

Appearance: The Epi-tome looks, for all intents and purposes, like a large medical syringe, filled with a thick, viscous, greenish purple liquid. This liquid reacts strangely when observed, absorbing, refracting, and emitting light in varying measures and intensity. Any potential user is given immediate knowledge in how to use the Grimoire: a simple injection of the liquid into the thigh grants full access to the magical properties. Afterwards the Grimoire becomes unusable until the plunger resets, at which point the liquid returns. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several months, and is represented by the ability only refreshing at the start of a new session. 

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I've had these Grimoires laying around from a previous adventure. Thought I'd put them here.

Maguamahato’s Mask


    -A mask depicting an Oni from three kingdoms folklore. It’s orange in colour with large pointed teeth. Holding the thing gives the holder an ominous feeling…

Magia: Physical Enhancement (Self Only), Elemental Engulf.

Immuto: Fire[Locked], Focus Object (Oni Mask), Genus(Oni)

Special: Casting a spell from this grimoire inflicts the Haunted+1 condition on the caster. If the caster would be possessed, he is instead possessed by the Oni Magumahato. If a character gets possessed by Maguamahato, it gains the Oni Characteristic, the Smoldering Heart Talent, and the Saracaner’s Plight Talent while Maguamahato is in control.

Characters possessed by Maguamahato will occasionally lose control of themselves, and will instead be under the full control of Maguamahato. This is not a good thing.


Abandoned Snow Globe


-A glass sphere filled with water and a miniature wooden house covered with “artificial” snow. The snow globe is incredibly cold to the touch and has no paper trail.

Magia: Elemental Projectile, Elemental Strike.

Immuto: Ice[Locked], Increased Damage, Decrease Damage.

Special: The Snow Globe counts as a Negligible(1) character with the Construct characteristic and Frozen Heart talent.


Red Beard’s Telescope


    -A long metal rod used to magnify distant locations. The distinct smell of salt and gunpowder coat the telescope. The name Red Beard is inscribed on the side.

Magia: Divination

Immuto: Alter Range, Reduce AP, Increased Duration.

Special: Looking though the telescope causes the user to automatically cast Divination on wherever they’re looking at. Divination can only be used on a location which the Telescope can see.


Cloudy Crystal Ball


    -A cloudy sphere in which you can almost see images. Looking too deep into the crystal… wait, what am I doing here?

Magia: Forget,

Immuto: Additional Suit,

Special: The Crystal Ball can store 5 memories that are lost. Whenever the Crystal exceeds 5 memories, the oldest one is lost.

Any character may attempt a TN 8 Necromancy/Tenacity Duel to look into the Crystal Ball. On a success, the character can access one of the memories.

Causing a Margin of Failure causes the Crystal Ball to cast Forget on the Character. The Crystal Ball’s AV for the Forget Spell is 3(10)


Bramble Crown

    -A crown made with dried twigs and leaves weaved into a Celtic pattern, masterful craftsmanship.

Magia: Summon Gamin, Elemental Weapon

Immuto: Natural[Locked], Delay, Increase AP

Special: Character’s attuned to this Grimoire permanently gain the Fae characteristic. The longer any character is attuned to this Grimoire, the more faerie like they become, potentially causing more dramatic changes, like sprouting fairy wings, or having flowers grow where ever they go.


Undertaker’s Shovel


-A shovel that is well loved, no amount of cleaning can remove the grave dirt.

Magia: Bury

Immuto: Genus(Living)

Special: The target of the Bury spell must be standing on soft ground for the spell to work.

Special: The Undertaker’s shovel can be used as a melee weapon that deals 2/2/3 damage as has the following trigger:

C: Literally Touched Death: After damaging, the target gains Infection+1.



Impossible Geometry

-A totem made up of geometry that is mathematically impossible, but still exists. Mathematicians are horribly confused by the totem’s very existence.


Magia: Elemental Retribution, Elemental Weapon

Immuto: Increase AP, Madness, Maddening[Locked]

Special: Any character casting a spell from this grimoire may use the Madness immuto, doing so reduces the TN by 4 but causes the caster to gain the following condition “Madness+1: This character suffers -1 to all mental aspects, reduce the value of this condition by 1 every hour until at 0.”

Immuto: Maddening: "Elemental Immuto, after damaging, the Target gains the Crazy+1 Condition."

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I made one for a "not so terribly honest" magician, so it would be easy to borrow things from stores.

Top hat of Fanciness

Appearance: It looks like a fancy top hat that would appeal to most people. 

Magia: Conjuration, Invisibility, Forget. 

Immuto: Delay, Increase Duration, Increase AP.

Special: You must be wearing it on your head to make it work. It also changes appearance to either help you out with what you're doing if you draw well on skill checks (like slowly growing in size if you're trying to make gremlins do something or become a cowl if you're trying to stealth in the dark). Or it can make you fail even harder if you draw poorly (like starting to crack in the seams when trying to impress a rich man, or start to glow when you're trying to hide from guild guards).

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Having some fun with this one. 


Contiones de Rege Flammae

Magia: All Elemental, Teleport

Immuto: Alter Range*, Increased Damage, Fire

Special: Any spell cast from this grimoire using any Magical Theory other than The Burning Man's Influence suffers a :-flip. After attuning, the user may choose to change their magical theory to The Burning man's Influence at any time. Upon using a spell from this book, the caster must succeed a TN 8 Willpower duel or be forced to spend 1 AP per round reciting the contents aloud until the end of the scene. Other characters suffer :-flip to all mental and willpower duels while this recitation continues. 

When using the Teleport Magia with this Grimoire, the Alter Range Immuto receives an extra step on the range chart called Breach. The TN alteration at this step is +2:tome:tome, making the final TN 20:mask:tome:tome. If successful, the spell instead creates a small breach between Earth and Malifaux capable of admitting a number of beings equal to the caster's ranks in Prestidigitation. Breach portals last for one hour unless dispelled, and collapse after reaching their admission limit. 

If the caster fails an attempt to create a breach, but achieves a minimum duel total of 11:mask, the spell backfires and instead summons a Stalking Portal under the caster's control. 

Stalking Portal

Minion(5), Spirit, Horror 

Might 1 Grace -1 Speed 3 Resilience 0

Charm -2 Intellect 1 Cunning -2 Tenacity -3

Defense 3(8) Walk 6 Height 2 Initiative 3(8)

Willpower 2(7) Charge 7 Wounds 4

Skills: Grappling 3, Athletics 3, Prestidigitation 3

Living Portal: friendly characters within one yard may treat their (1) Walk Action as a successful cast of an unmodified Teleport spell targeting themselves. 

Incorporeal: This character ignores, and is ignored by, other characters and terrain during any movement. Reduce all damage this character suffers from Ranged and Close Combat attacks by half. 

(1) Subsume (Grappling)

AV: 6(11) ======= Rg: :melee2 ======= Resist: Wp

Target suffers 1/2/4 damage. 

:tomeGlimpse the Void: After damaging, the target must pass a TN13 Willpower duel or be removed from reality. Return the character within 6 yards of this character (or its last position) at the end of the round. 

(1)Eschew Reality (Prestidigitation)

AV: 4(9) ======= Rg: 8 ======= Resist: Wp

Target suffers 1 damage and is placed within 10 yards of their current location. If this action was the result of the (1) Order Action, the ordering character chooses where the target lands, otherwise the location is randomly chosen by the Fatemaster.

:ramHoly Crap!: Characters within :meleerange of the target after being placed must pass a TN 11 Willpower duel or immediately attack the target with a legal action. 


An idea I had after reading through my other side book. Given what I read, access to this book is surprisingly common, though fractions like the Guild, which will have learned the dangers of it, will actively hunt down and burn any copies they can find. 

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Heart of the West


A sheriff’s badge once owned by Catherine Evelyn, a lawmaker inspired by legends of gunslingers and lawmakers of the American West. The 6 pointed badge is covered in thick layers of text, but any part individually read can tell the legends of the American West such as that of Wyatt Earp.

Magia: Elemental Projectile,

Immuto: Focus Object (Western Style Revolver (-1)) [Locked], Fire, Wind, Light

Special: The Heart of the West is a grimoire that wrote itself over Catherine Evelyns’s sheriff badge. The grimoire will only attune itself to a mage that could reasonably be described as an officer of the law. An officer of the law could be a Guild Guard, Death Marshal, Witch Hunter, or an ordinary police officer to name a few. Additionally the lawmaker must be wearing the badge to attune to the Grimoire.

Using the Heart of the West’s Elemental Projectile uses the Pistol skill instead of Sorcery, additionally using the spell expends a round of ammunition from the pistol that the spell is fired from.

Finally, the Heart of the West ignores the penalty to spellcasting on Earth if it is used anywhere in the American West.

“I hate rude behaviour in a man, I won’t tolerate it.”

Frankenstein’s Lab Notes


An original copy of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, all throughout are notes written over the pages that are exceedingly difficult to read, and even harder to understand. The back of the book is signed Victor Frankenstein, whether it’s an authentic signature remains to be seen.

Magia: Raise Undead, Berserk Fury,

Immuto: Decreased Damage, Promethean Genus (+2),

Special: In Frankenstein, Victor could surely be seen as a Resurrectionist, but his processes didn’t result in a zombie, but instead new life. The following changes are applied to Raise Undead.

-          The resurrected corpse does not gain the Undead Characteristic and instead keeps the Living Characteristic.

-          The resurrected character is considered to be a Promethean for the purposes of the Promethean Genus Immuto.

-          The Promethean’s Mental Aspects are all reduced to -3 and Charm is reduced to -4.

-          The Promethean is capable of learning and may increase his Intelligence, Cunning, or Tenacity by 1 point each week until they reach 0. Once at 0, these Aspects can only improve in same way as other Fatemaster Characters (or Fated should that ever happen).

       Prometheans last indefinitely but are not bound to the spell caster.

-          Prometheans are were never previously living and do not have any memories of their past life.

“It’s Alive!!!”


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