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[CHILE] Mali'po : a Malifaux tournament in Chile po weon

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We'll have a tournament on Sunday January 7th 2018 starting from 11:00 on. It will be a three round tournament using the GG2018 strats and schemes. I will let you know about the available strats and schemes for each round once GG2018 will be released. As prizes we'll have mystery boxes and guilders.

Location: it will take place at the Er Limbo club. The club is located at av. Paul Harris (Sur) 1000, Las Condes. This is right at the corner with Av. Cristobal Colón.

Registration: there are at most 10 available slots. You can contact me by sending me a private message for registration. There will be a registration fee of 3000 Chilean pesos. The purpose of the fee is simply to cover the shipping cost for the prizes. Once the number of players will be known, there might be a partial refund on the fee the day of the tournament.


  • Three rounds tournament - GG2018 with an exception to this set of rules: we'll accept unpainted miniatures, but the rules regarding the use of proxys will be the ones described in GG2018.
  • Crew size will in principle be 50 soulstones. We may choose to reduce the size to 35 if many beginners are interested in playing the tournament. Notice that we are willing to lend some minis to adjust the crew size to 50 if required.

More info to come!

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Since the final version of GG2018 has been released, I generated the schemes for the January tournament. Here they are:

Round 1:
Strategy: Public Executions
Close Deployment
Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Covert Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Set Up, Take Prisoner

Round 2: 
Strategy: Ply for Information
Standard Deployment
Schemes: Surround Them, Dig Their Graves, Set Up, Hold Up Their Forces, Undercover Entourage

Round 3: 
Strategy: Ours
Corner Deployment
Schemes: Eliminate the Leadership, Search The Ruins, Take One For The Team, Take Prisoner, Public Demonstration

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Today we had our first tournament of the year with the new GG2018 strats and schemes. Only four participants, but we had a blast.

Congrats to @Rcarrillo who played the three rounds with Pandora and took the first place! A Black Joker allowed his alp to kill Lucius and scored for Eliminate the Leadership inthe very last moment. 

Here some picture of the event:










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