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Malifaux App Launched!

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The Malifaux App, Bad Things Happen, is now available! You can find out all about it here. This app is a great way to track your collection, Crews, and games. It is also going to have more

I'm not sure on the region lock -- following up the the developer to see. The purchase of stat cards will include expansion stat cards going forward.

If you come across a glitch, bug, or outright error - use the contact us form to send in a report for the devs and we'll see about sorting things.  We understand upon initial release, there will be

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I’m not allowing people to track wounds on the app for this Saturday’s event in Austin—I’ll want longer to familiarize myself with this. Dice, tokens, or wet erase markers please.


Certain forum-shy folk are doing the happy dance over this news, right now. :lol:

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2 minutes ago, InfamousChicken said:

Is there a way to track number owned? Right now it only seems like a check mark and I have a lot of Bayou Gremlins

+1 for future work request. I like to keep track of I may own 2 December Acolytes, but only 1 is painted. And when I play in an event and only want to use painted, nice to know 

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