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New player, new painter - first results

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On 11/15/2017 at 10:53 PM, Nikodemus said:

I just watched a bunch of videos, often on the background while I painted so it trickled in bit by bit. You know, sometimes you get absorbed into painting and whatever audio there is on the background just fades away :D

I really like Romain's videos (the one Ludvid linked to), his take on colour theory is a bit long, six parts total but worth a look if you don't mind his... well I know people who don't get along with his kind of people. It's an attitude thing. I myself can't get enough of him. He's also done non-theory painting videos for BoW, most I've seen are from quite a few years ago by now.

Vince Venturella has a half an hour episode on the subject, good channel for lots of painting related videos I might add:


There's been other videos, some text articles, I forget them. One Ludvig linked looked good. As always google is your friend if you want more.

You're right that it'll take a while to sink in. But if you're the type that likes to paint, likes to play around with paint, you'll probably get something out of it.

sorry, I was offline (sick) for a coupe of days. Thank you very much for the video, started watching right now, as I am still off work for a couple of days...! :)

46 minutes ago, tmod said:

Try Mako's stuff on here, organized in nice odds. Should be easy to search for, but at my phone at work just now, so can't do it myself...

Will try! Might be the same Mako I have seen over at another game's forum, I guess.

26 minutes ago, Ludvig said:


@Mako @dgraz and @SpiralngCadavr are great painters who have been here for a long time. Unfortunately all the image links I found to Make and Graz in their threads seem to have gone bad. Cadavr's threads still seem to be around. You can google their handles and find a few of their works it seems.

thank you! google did indeed turn out some of their very nice work. This will keep me busy :).

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Okay dear folks of this forum,

It's been a while. Life got in the way, so I had to sell my Neverborn to pay for repairs. Things are looking a lot better in 2018, though. Thus, after changing factions and taking the opportunity to start a new faction, here‘s the first two models for our upcoming campaign. They are almost done, Francisco’s sword needs work and The judge‘s base still lacks color. Still: what do you think?







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spelling, posted from my phone before...
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