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Arcanists for sale

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All models are built well, undercoated grey
all come with the m2e cards and upgardes including wave 5 upgrades
All are current plastic editions unless stated

Pics on request

Ramos Crew Box Set - The M&SU
( metal alt ramos, and 4 metal spiders and a metal swarm )
3 x Ice Gamin

Mei Feng Crew Box - Rail Crew

Rail Golem

3 x Metal Gamin ( boxed untouched )


metal Electric Creation

Kaeris Crew Box - Burning Revelation

Slate Ridge Mauler

2 x Gunsmiths

metal Mobile Toolkit

3 x metal Union Miners

3 x Wind Gamin

Arcane Emissary

3x Shastar Vidiya

Sabertooth Cerberus

Dawn Serpent

4 x Canine Remains

3 x Silurids

£290.98 on elemtn games. yours for £190 inc uk postage.






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