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Monthly painting challenge -- November


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Here are my three finished models for November (19 SS).  The colors really washed out in the photo again, especially the flames around Carlos.  I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I am using a cheap automatic camera, so that may be the first thing to fix.  I will try to photograph again sometime, this time using the flash.


The Komainu are really cool, but there are so many details that I had trouble using enough contrast to make the different parts show up, but still maintain a consistent color scheme.  I like the model though.

One month to go!

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5 hours ago, RustAndTheCity said:

Congrats @Franchute


I finished Burt Jebsen for my medical crew as well. The Nellie crew is almost done. Just a reporter to paint for it. It was really fun to paint the Gremlin skin.


That is an amazing looking crew man, you also managed to bring together a crew that consists in part of mercenaries. Well done!

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Didn't get them all, but made good progress! The Swincursed (7ss) 2x Banjonistas (10ss), a McMourning mummy turned Flesh Construct (6ss), the Sow (well, Ewe, 8ss), the Mysterious Emissary (10ss), and yes, the first Ramone sister Mounted Guard (7ss)! All told, 48ss worth. And made good progress on Nekima to finish up later.large.20171129_223928.jpg.76a7bbe5e14c63c674c3a6232102dde6.jpglarge.20171129_223748.jpg.25da87e31d208619377189cb14d10447.jpglarge.20171129_223840.jpg.f345f0168d379e7ac78ed0cb51785bae.jpglarge.20171129_224032.jpg.417c1b64be014d558cacdce1c90e695f.jpglarge.20171129_224040.jpg.dfe59904e560cca8ee2b9efb4242e7cf.jpglarge.20171129_224101.jpg.6fd1e598e8c726f1f0868ba308303437.jpglarge.20171129_223807.jpg.cfc89ae0fc0795bc741afc31caa70151.jpglarge.20171129_223655.jpg.7a17fe17519f77bdcd49258b24941fdc.jpg

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These are the models I painted for the "A nightmare before Malifaux" tournament which made me skip some models from my schedule. These were given away on each round, I don't want them to count for this month, just wanted to share them with you guys so you can see I'm not that lazy! 



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