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help a later backer out

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Right-o chaps, I've gone in late for the $160 commander set (due to not having job security during the campaign)

so what should I be expecting model wise?

Sniper leader, 2 units of riflemen, 1 unit of infiltrators, the huge robot. What other goodies should I be expecting?


I've no idea what an adjunct is..


thanks in advance.

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You'll get the Allegiance box (Charles Edmonton, 2 units of Royal Rifle Corps, 1 unit of Infiltrators), 1 King's Hand, the other commander Margaret Belle, 1 unit of Field Intel Corps, 1 Motor Scout, and 3 Sharpshooter Adjuncts.

The Adjuncts are basically models that join a Squad (they replace one of the normal models) and while they're alive they give a bonus action and ability to the Fireteam they're in. So the Sharpshooter gives an extra ranged attack and an accuracy boost if I remember right!

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sniped!  How appropriate!


The other thing I'd add about the adjunct is that they also add to the durability of the squad they join.  A fireteam without an adjunct takes 3 wounds to finish (typically), while with an adjunct along they need 4 wounds to finish off.

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