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Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two Results

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As always I want to begin by thanking everyone for their participation!  There have been plenty of awesome, eye-catching pieces to be had last round.  We have posted only the results in this thread.  The Round Three Annoucement can be found here: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/132613-iron-painter-2017-round-three-announcement/


The gold tier was full of some AMAZING works! But as in all contests two enter...one leaves.  I am going to remind people of the head to heads, and list the winner next to it, as well as provide the bracket with new pairings.  A reminder that the people who lose in gold, will be put into the silver bracket to continue competing.

SevenThirty Seven vs. Glamage > Glamage Wins!

Dirty vs. Buntman > Dirty Wins!

Octavus vs. Alex_Vulfhart > Octavus Wins!

Demonn Agram vs. TheArtofWargaming > Demonn Agram Wins!

Infern0 vs. Neveroddoreven > Neveroddoreven Wins!

Whirler vs. LilmissWarhammer > Whirler Wins!

Icatsai vs. Jenna > Icatsai Wins!

Stark vs. Bozydar > Stark Wins!

Silver Tier

The Silver tier was full of some beautiful works!  Yet again though some shall continue on, and others will be dropped into the bronze bracket.  But remember that even those who lose this round will continue to duke it out in bronze!  Below are the results.

Hellogre vs. Zombiedragon > Hellogre Wins!

IIo9ilnik vs. Sleepwalker > Sleepwalker Wins!

Nathillien vs. Warrior4520 > Nathillien Wins!

Mr Lucky vs. SallyFN > SallyFN Wins!

Schism 93 vs. Max Kurdo > Max Kurdo Wins!

Joe Cool vs. Nonparity > Joe Cool Wins!

Heavy vs. Hero of the Rev > Heavy Wins!

Monomatana vs. Sabla > Sabla Wins!

Bronze Tier

The Bronze tier continued to impress with some awesome works!  Duking it out for a better chance at the raffle, they showed how much they still want to win.  A reminder that if you lose in bronze, you are eliminated but should STILL continue to submit works.  If you do not complete every round, you will not be eligible for the raffle.  

Zatch vs. MetaphoricDragn > Zatch Wins!

Zanna vs. MelanHolic > Zanna Wins!

Yuki vs. Wildchevy > Wildchevy Wins!

Wizuriel vs. Maulwurfmann > Maulwurfmann Wins!

Vxghost vs. LordZombie > Vxghost Wins!

Uilks Z vs. LavronYor > LavronYor Wins!

Trepak vs. Linus Mcmold > Linus Mcmold Wins!

Tinman vs. Tenshi > Tinman Wins!

Theshepherd vs. Kuki > Kuki Wins!

Teddyclaw vs. King of Draconis > King of Draconis Wins!

Sycorax vs. Kilvo > Kilvo Wins!

Junkie vs. Kid55 > Junkie Wins!

Stonewall78 vs. Kessilari > Stonewall78 Wins 

StefMcGlen vs. Kendra Namednil > Kendra Namednil Wins!

Spikes vs. Kaiser Senpai > Spikes Wins!

Space_Monkey vs. Jpowah > Jpowah Wins!

Sol_Sorrowsong vs. Jef > Sol_Sorrowsong Wins! 

SnaRf.za vs. Jason13 > Jason13 Wins!

Helldrad vs. Herald of Insanity > Helldrad Wins!

Shipratstew vs. H4ml3t > H4ml3t Wins!

Senya1987 vs. Guildenstern > Senya1987 Wins!

Scotty Kahn vs. Gribble > Scotty Kahn Wins!

Scott-42 vs. Gaspard > Gaspard Wins!

Schlinke vs. FoolishMonkey > FoolishMonkey Wins!

Sataniel vs. Seneca > Seneca Wins!

Sagrit vs. FinalForm >  Sagrit Wins!

Ruzmazh vs. Fenix729 > Fenix729 Wins!

Ricky_james vs. Reservoir Dog > Reservoir Dog Wins!

Regia vs. Edoperischetti > Regia Wins!

Ransburger vs. Easily_Mused > Ransburger Wins!

PoodlesWithGuns vs. Dragonkey > Dragonkey Wins!

DLenok vs. Domperignome > DLenok Wins!

Phosphexborn vs. Diceofrdtable > Phosphexborn Wins!

Philosfr vs. Demkoenig > Philosfr Wins!

Peebs vs. DarthSlider > DarthSlider Wins!

OneGreenOrk vs. D_Arquebus > OneGreenOrk Wins!

Onebitpixel vs. Odinfellhammer > Onebitpixel Wins!

Olethros vs. Citames > Olethros Wins!

Nikshe vs. BRAZZER > Nikshe Wins!

Nikodemus vs. Blage > Blage Wins!

Neoezekiel vs. Bethany > Neoezekiel Wins!

Nayfan vs. Beergod > Nayfan Wins!

Natsugawa vs. Baldiman > Natsugawa Wins!

MunkyMuddFace vs. Asmenoth > Asmenoth Wins!

Mrcoblin vs. Argailwall > Argailwall Wins!

Oca6 vs. ArD > ArD Wins!

Mitos vs. Annanas > Annanas Wins!

Akler vs. Akler > Akler Wins! 

Khameleon vs. Alex S. > Alex S. Wins!

Shield85 vs. Guslado > Guslado Wins!


A quick reminder that even if you lost in bronze, you can and should still participate by submitting a miniature for every round in order to be eligible for the raffle at the end!

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4 hours ago, Alex_Vulfhart said:

contratulations tu @Octavus well deserved and good luck in the next round. 

Thank you very much and good luck in the next round as well

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I can make excuses about my lack of painting time this past round but I knew the schedule going into this thing. I don't think it would of made any difference though as @H4ml3t did an amazing scene, Congrats mate!

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