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Zipp. Specific schemes help

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Hi all!

i am attending an event soon where new players will be made to play against veteran players, so that they can coach us in how to play. 

Im not looking to do anything other than learn to play, but in order to speed up the event...

Which schemes should I pick and what crew would you recommend?

I will be playing Zipp and have almost the whole gremlins range (missing Ulix, pigapult, and other wave 5).


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It's worth mentioning that you learn the game by making a plan with the schemes and making a crew around it. That being said here's what I'd do: 

First game Zipp is perhaps the best master at Entourage. keep him midfield until the last turn and just move into the enemy deployment zone. 
I also think protect territory might be quite easy since zipp can move away any enemy model trying to deny it. 
Second game I'd look at murder protege. zipp has this really killy combo that is easy to pull off with francois LaCroix where zipp uses his grab a rope to get francois into position, then he uses up we go to bring the intended enemy model within charge range of francois. chain activate into franc using reckless and charging said model(if you have 2 good cards on your hand you could even focus and then charge to cheat in a severe damage with dumb luck)
Protect territory for same reasons as in game one. 

Third game... I don't remember take prisoner being that simple... you just wait until your opponent activated a model on a flank, fly zipp there and score full points. 
Breakthrough is a good one too, just fly earl up the board and have zipp keep stuff away from him.
Vendetta can be done the same way as I described murder protege in the second game. 

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Thanks for the assist!

I didn't really word my question well (sorry). Rather than what exact model, more how do I interact with the schemes.

I hope that makes sense.

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