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Thank you Wyrd for the contests

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I am a relatively new painter, i started on October 2015 by painting some miniatures of the board game Descent (around 20 pieces).

Almost one year later (September 2016) I ordered my first Malifaux Crew(Jack Daw) that was my first entry in miniature war games, and I started painting immediatetly.

Almost one year later again i have painted 64 Malifaux miniatures an have lots more waiting for assembly and painting.

But the big step came with the contests here is a list of new things (first time ever) I tried due to the contests up to now, and the pics

Total Testosterone first time used: Miniature Conversion (change head), Cork Base Crafting

I wanted to craft Duke Nukem, so i cutted the metal head of the mini and added this one from WH40K, trimmed the bandana and created some hair with greenstuff

Femme Fatale first time used: Diorama Building, Blue Foam Crafting, OSL on terrain

This was my first diorama and i wanted to be a kind of action scene, so the customer(mr tannen) tries to get some paid love and the girl lures him to the alley for the grunt(mr graves) to hit him and steal him (as they already have done with the previous one in the barrel)


Round 1 first time used: OSL on miniature, Wet Blend, FreeHand

This was the only mini i had unassembled having a light source so I choose her for my first time OSL on a mini, the wet blend is on the lantern, I kninda made by mistake in the beggining(the previous color was not dry yet) and I liked so i kept building the colours with the technique of wet blend

Round 2 first time used: Resin Water, Heavy Transparent Gel Water Effect, Clay Crafting, Balsa Wood Crafting

Well this is my 2nd diorama , I used transparent resin for 1st time, the first apply got great but the 2nd was murky non-transparent, so i had to wipe it off before drying and went with a 3rd batch. The gel was used to make the splash on the gator and all the ground is airdry clay and sand, some grass in around the lake (before resin) and the bridge was hand made from balsa wood and coffee stirers

Round 3 first time used: Glazing, Miniature in the air

Not much new things used here, the highlight (IMO) is the glazing on the Nothing Beast, still a piece I am very proud of

Round 4 first time used: MDF painting, Foamed PVC Crafting, Broken Glass

On this round I had to craft the piano out of Foamed PVC (excellent matterial)  using some plans I found online and i discovered that you can craft with Citadel's texture paint on baking paper and then remove it. The building is my first try on painting MDF and it was super easy, the broken glass on the window is with a crackle paint from GreenStuffWorld


Round 5 first time used: Tree Building, Using Snow, Plaster with Molds, Broken Ice

For the last round I did a bunch new things, it was a very difficult project mostly due to waiting times, I used Rock Molds with plaster to create some realistic rocks, I had to throw snow in more than 5 layers to get the result I wanted and I crafted these small trees from using tree bush and ready tree armatures. The broken ice on the water is not showing very good in the picture, I used 2 layers of water effect(not resin) and transparent crackle paste on the top. Also for this photo i used a friends pro camera which gave an amazing resolution (try to zoom in the pic and look on the right side photos with the focus)



For all of the above new things i learned I want to say a big thanks to Wyrd for having these online contests(I live in Greece so any other physical contest is out of limits for me) and the motivation they gave me to try new thinks and keep getting better at the hobby

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With painting since 2015 you improved a lot I would say.

I always loved contests a lot becaus they made me push harder or try new techniques.

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Seconded. Not just the painting contests either - Wyrd always seems to have 2 or 3 "contests" going on in the community. It's a great look - keep up the good work guys!

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