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Molly (Horror) or Nicodem.

Molly offers Black Blood which makes it way harder for the enemy to chip away at his Wds and gives him extra out-of-activation AP with her (0). She also tends to generate a tonne of Corpses with her low Wd summons that she doesn't normally use, so Archie can happily consume them for his (0) Stapled On upgrade swapping.

Nicodem gives automatic access to :+fate for his Ml attacks (which is an enormous buff since he's got a very impressive 4/5/6 spread but only has Ml 6) and a :+fate on Df which can sometimes be useful. He can give Archie 1 extra AP or a heal a few Wds through (1) Rigour Mortis or (1) Decay respectively. Archie can also throw Corpse Markers up field with ranged attack allowing Nicodem to summon directly from there too.

In all the games I've played with him, he only gets work done with those two. He's just too expensive for anyone else to bother hiring.

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Reva actually does really good work with him also.  He will happily reposition corpses that Reva put down in earlier turns, and his ranged attack is yet another vector for Reva to attack through when targeting.

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