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Competitive Leveticus lists

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17 hours ago, Kaos said:

Looks nice, I think I'm crutching a bit too much on a&d so a list without him always strikes me as strange. But lots of models and lots of beating power isn't something to scoff at. I find Lazarus not so good, since he will miss if he just autofire, maybe you want a bit more stopping power there.

A&D is really good, but every now and then it's good to try new things ;). Lazarus' function was to be a punching bag for abo card draw, but I guess I could just take Tally sheet on Levi and recruit Anna, Rusty or Hannah. Additionally, in that case I might swap the Abo for the effigy to keep the stone cache up.

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Yesterday I tried a summoning list with from Aether and from ash.

Just no.

From ash is completely unplayable. Didn't get anything out of it and I was lacking the third big model.

The list was:



Rusty Alyce

2x necropunks

Ashes and dust

2x abominations

Was playing extraction with claim jump and leave your mark.

The aim was to summon a desolation engine after having the abominations source some cards hitting themselves but it worked very poorly. 

I was able to score full points from claim jump and leave your mark but was unable to clean the jam in the middle, so the opponent could score 4 pts from the strategy and 3 from claim jump, finishing 7 to 6 to him.

I wasn't able to summon a single abom from the from ash upgrade and one from desolate soul. Although I killed one model first turn, the subsequent turns were quite sad.

From ash looked horrible and confirmed to be so. For a 2 pts upgrade has too harsh requirements to really work.

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Yeah, I've been toying with the idea of summoning a bunch of abos by generating lots of scrap with rusty and large arachnid T1, and afterwards switching the from ash to Desolate soul. I found out that it's just too resource intensive and you are using your most precious AP to summon models that don't really do much. It's fun though, and in the best case scenario you are summoning Deso engine, reactivating it and charging the enemy's face on T1.


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