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Field of terror terrain

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As soon as I saw the field of terror story encounter in the newest Wyrd Chronicles I knew I had to make this scenario happen---Tuesday is Malifaux night at my FLGS, and so is All Hallow's Eve this year!  The three pieces below are what I have come up with so far.  This was partly inspired by other images in the same issue of the Chronicles, e.g., the wasp nest.


This is on a 50 mm marker, and will be added to a generic terrain tile, such as a flat forest bit, to indicate that it is terrifying, hazardous, or both.


With a scarecrow being a main character in this story encounter, I wanted to have a corn field.  Having the corn in tight rows would be more realistic, but I wanted to keep it playable as well.  Anyone have any other ideas of how to pull this off?  Maybe separate magnetic strips, but that is a lot of magnetizing.


This is my hanging tree.  It also has a wasp nest (inspired by Marko Paunovik).  I will play this as hazardous due to the Malifaux-sized wasps that will come out of that nest.  The tree is part of an antler I cut up.  I especially like the organic-looking bottom of the 'tree' where the antler joined the skull.  The victim is put together with the male multi-part kit.  I had to mod the shoulders a bit to get the arm placement right.  I did this in a hurry to be ready for this week's game night, so they are quite rough.

I will make a post about how these pieces worked in the Field of Terror scenario.  Cheers all.

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The field of terror terrain worked well.  The scenario itself was really fun.  Just fielding a crew of terrifying beaters from 4 different factions was a blast.  With the corn field I was just lucky in that no one had to cross it in such a way that they were on top of the row of plants.  I think I may plan out a larger field with spaced rows that are magnetized.  The hanging tree worked, but people mostly just avoided it.  The ground monster thing was by far the most versatile as I just threw it on top of an irregularly shaped tile and called it hazardous terrain.  To finish up that piece my plan is to find a picture of a throat-like tunnel and glue it to the bottom---the base is already drilled out.  The goal is to make it look like it extends well underground.


Thanks BTW @mattc !

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