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[ARGENTINA] Shifting loyalties campaign.


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"Silence is a dangerous thing, my friend...it means that someone doesn´t want to be heard,  that the creatures don´t want to be found...and the predators are getting ready. Malifaux is always a dangerous place...but when is silent, like that....do you hear?...nothing...not even the vermins...is a cacophony of silence, that you are desperately to hear something, but to afraid to make a noise...that is when Malifaux is about to become a living hell"


Hello fauxers! we started a campaing here in Argentina (mostly of the players from buenos aires) we are now starting the second "week", with the first week, being profitable positive to most of the players. We are building Hide Outs, and to use some Avatars, if possible. 

So, I´ll be updating stuff that happens, and some pics of the matches.

The event of the first week was "Map it out", so it had the players busy with schemes, so in an overall, we dont have to much injuries and a lot of scrips. 

The second Week, has been flipped, and is..."Forbidden text". I think this event will bring more tension to the matches to see who...reads  (?) more faster.

So, stay tunned and see what Malifaux will bring the next time! 

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