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[VIENNA] November Faux and Demos @ComicCon

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Hi there, I´ll be doing Demo Games at Vienna ComicCon on the 18th and 19th of November, so if you`re interested and want to get a look at the game, feel free to visit and try it for yourself :)


A tournament is held the week after Comic Con (25.Nov.) at our store, Siren Games, Friedmanngasse 13, 1160 Vienna.

Shop opens not too early at 11am, so you can get 3 games comfortably in a row and get to meet our kind and helpful community^^


Schemes and strats for the tourney:


Standard Deployment
Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Leave your Mark, Tail `em, Recover Evidence

Corner Deployment
Claim Jump, Dig their Graves, Accusation, Set Up, Hunting Party

Flank Deployment
Guard the Stash
Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Leave your mark, A Quick Murder, Show of Force

Entry fee:
3€ for fully painted crews
5€ for unpainted crews

Price support is an official wyrd games tournament kit, as always :)



If you want to know anything about the game, tournament or our regular gaming nights, just ask me here on the forums, via pm or visit our facebook page:



Hope to see you there - Tristan

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1 hour ago, Herald of insanity said:

Really looking forward to this crazy strat/scheme combi


Hahaha, I'm glad you like it^^


See you on saturday ;)

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