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Friday Preview - Karkinoi


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Friday the 13th can mean bad luck to some, but over here we hope to supply some good luck!  And boy are we lucky to be able to preview the Karkinoi.  These crustaceans are members of the Gibbering Horde.  Let's take a look!



Karkinoi primarily dwell in the shallow caves along the coasts of Malifaux, though a few breeds still linger in the deeper parts of the ocean. Karkinoi are pack hunters that prefer to overwhelm creatures much larger than themselves and feed as a group. They reproduce rapidly, often laying nearly-hatched eggs into whatever parts of their prey they choose not to consume. In Malifaux, these eggs serve as food for many other creatures, but on Earth, those predators are absent and the Karkinoi population is increasing at an unchecked rate.

On the table, Karkinoi are fast, relatively durable, and hard-hitting. When coupled with their ability to Summon Egg Clutches, this creates a well-rounded melee unit that forms the backbone of the strongest hunting pods.

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Pretty sure these guys along with the Armoured Whelks are my favourite minis!

On 10/14/2017 at 11:09 AM, AverageBoss said:

Well between these guys and the Armored Whelks, you could have a pretty crabby army. Now we just need a crab leader and preferably a titan. Crab people...

On 10/15/2017 at 12:47 AM, Phinn said:


All of this needs to happen pronto!

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