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Based on threads here, and other player creations, I decided to create a play mat for my players. I know many of you have posted images of your own playmats, so thank you! I take no credit for the design- it's all thanks to this community!

I'm not sure if it would be useful for anything here, but I thought I would post it on the off chance that others might be able to use it! 

My players have found it really helpful, and I think we're going to laminate them! I'm wondering though, if there are any additional pieces of information that could be put on there!

malifaux-city copy.jpg

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Looks good - nice work! A couple of minor suggestions for improvement:

  1. Add the other triggers for drawing cards into your control hand - there is plenty of space there.
  2. Consider stealing the suits box from the Malifaux quick reference sheet. It has nice images for hearts/clubs/etc, which is much easier to interpret at a glance than text.
  3. Perhaps also add a quick reference box to the right of the control hand box with actions, conditions or damage/healing flips? Again, there is plenty of space and those are the things I think players would frequently reference at the table, probably in that order of priority. Perhaps you could even fit two boxes, one about the control hand box, and one to the right (though you don't want to make it too "busy").

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