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Treacherous Allies 2 Team Tournament

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It's Team Tournament time again in North Carolina!

Treacherous Allies 2 will take place December 2nd, 2017 in Durham, NC at Atomic Empire

Three round GG 2017 Event


Format as follows:

Team consists of 2-35ss crews from the same faction. Model rarity must be observed per team (ie: Lady J or Perdita may hire Judge, not both). Each player will have their own fate deck, control hand and soul stones. Players will flip for initiative, then determine turn order amongst the team mates. Models on each team's crews count as friendly to each other, but not for the purposes of companioning rules.


This is always a popular tournament, so please RSVP early so I can plan terrain, space and prize support. There will be a painting contest and prizes are awarded for Best Team name, Best Team appearance and the usual tournament awards.


The cost for this tournament is $25.00 per team


Hope to see you with some Treacherous Allies!




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