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Monthly painting challenge -- October


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I had a weird shipping month so far and just got my model order today!  FINALLY!  So I'm gonna put up pictures of the rest of my pledge for the month.  For now, here are the two models I painted this month: 

Thalarian Queller Female (I tried to think outside my comfort zone with her... and it came out a bit odd, but I like it in a strange way) 


Next was a reclamation project.  I started painting minis in December of '16 and Lady J was my first ever set of models.  So the first image is of one of her death marshals in his original paint job (what will follow that is the update I just did on him.)  I'd like to think I've gotten better :) (if at nothing else, taking pictures!)


Updated version: 





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PS - So that puts me at 12 SS for the month (assuming repaints count? I did put him into the paint remover and literally started from scratch... is that okay?)

PPS - Here is my (remaining) pledge for the month: four corrupted hounds (12 SS) which will put me at 24SS

Grad School has hit full swing, so I don't want to pledge the Emissaries just yet, but should I get through the dogs and have time/gas left, I will start with Mysterious and then move on to Shadow.... we'll see. 


PPPS @Joachim - I got my hounds, and I'd love to hear how you did the glazing on your  rougarou if you don't mind!  Thank you in advance for considering it! 

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19 hours ago, Shock & Awe said:


PPPS @Joachim - I got my hounds, and I'd love to hear how you did the glazing on your  rougarou if you don't mind!  Thank you in advance for considering it! 

I'm happy to.

1. I gave him a basecoat of a greyish dark brown and then drybrushed with quite a high contrast to a relatively light brown. 

2. I gave the entire model a brown wash.

3. I started working in some color using glazes of: camouflage green, reddish brown, purple, purple mixed with brown, and red with lots of black. I tried to get some of the darker and stronger colors 'purple, black/red) in more shaded areas and put green glaze more on the legs and bottom of the belly, and tried to make it kind of random. I dont know if this is the right way to do it, since I don't have experience with glazes, but after applying the glaze, I used a dry brush to pass over the edges of the glazed area to smooth the glaze out and get a smoother blend. I really liked the effect that had so I'm happy with how that worked out. I applied a lot of red/black glaze close the zombie parts so it looks more like dead flesh.

4. Finally I applied some more drybrushing to bring it back to a bit more brown and to increase the contrast, especially on raised surfaces. The rougarou are relatively skinny, especially around the hind leggs, and also the shoulders stick out a bit, so drybrushing these parts again really brings the model to live.

5. For details I added some black with a little bit of red glaze, running down from the open wounds so it looks more dirty.


Hope this helps, also, the mysterious emissary is a great model. I had a lot of fun painting this guy. I actually posted him in one of the previous months.



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So right before Round 2 of Iron Painter started I finished Coppelius but I don't have pics yet. Won't claim the points until I get photos uploaded--speaking of which I'm also working on a light box so hopefully my pic quality will improve.

My current WIP is for a Bayou Gator that will be my entry for IP.

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I've gotten a bunch of stuff done (thank you typhoon! (I live in Japan, and don't worry, it was just a but load of rain, so no way we could get outside). 

I repainted a second death marshal, and I finished up the corrupted hounds as well as the Mysterious Emissary.  That is 32SS for the lot, I think?  Which should make it 44 for the month... 










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