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Updating crews? (Lucius, Tara, Mei Feng, Zoraida)

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So, after being away from the game for a bit, I'm looking at getting back in to things, and was looking for advice. I know that there have been a number of errata cards, and plan to get the recent update decks.


But, I wanted to get back into a few masters, and wanted to check what makes sense to get... the last Malifaux stuff I played with was the beta with the new masters, and hadn't played much from the previous book. So, are there any of the below things I shouldn't bother with, and are there any tools you think I'm really missing out on?


Tara: I'm proxying the emissary and archie; have the forgotten marshal; didn't like the Scion, was considering a Draugr to summon. 

Lucius: I have changelings and terra cotta warriors, I was planning to get Queeg and Dade; the rougarou seem strong with him

Mei Feng (not playing as arcanist): mechanical porkchop; sparks?

Zoraida: wisps, air pirates or maybe just the first mate?


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For Tara, Talos looks like good model - he is only Void model so far with 3 weak damage, plus he is really tough, with his terrifying, armor and healing when he buries enemy model. I prefer to summon Guild Autopsies with Karina, as they cheapest model to be summoned.

For Lucius both Austringers and Witchling Thralls are nice option. He can now use his Issue Command on Austringers and Thralls always pass horror duels regardless of final duel total. Also, they are really tough and have great attack. Doppelganger and Trapper are also valid options.


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Sorry, I must misunderstood you. Looking at your list, it seems that you would miss only Wisps, as they are essential for Zoraida. Iron Skeeters are great in combination with Francois or Burt as these little Sky Pirates work as taxi for any ht 1 model. 

Speaking of Broken Promises - it has some nice stuff for these masters - Guild received four 6 Soulstone cost Minions, and while they are not available right now, you should definitely buy Guild Investigators and Monster Hunter when they will be released. Investigators can discard scheme markers from distance (which draws you a card) and have irresistible push. Monster Hunters have great ranged attack with built-in :+fate and damage track of 3/4/5 against models with Soulstone cost 7 or more. They are also very mobile due to their Stalk. In Neverborn, you have Bulgultin, who can perform powerful melee attack if they were pushed - and you can do that with Issue Command.

In addition to Talos, Outcasts received Midnight Stalker - very solid scheme and anti-scheme runner. Extremely mobile and hard to kill if enemy has no access to attacks with :+fate. Ressurectionist have this book best model in form of Asura Rotten, who works like Sandeep for Undeads - they can borrow her attacks! What is more, she can create one Mindless Zombie per turn even easier than Carrion Emissary.

Zoraida received great tool in form of Adze - it gives great tactical action for Wisps to copy, has an ability to count as scheme marker and it's very tanky model - despite having only 6 wounds, it can heal with each attack.

Mei Feng can use Obsidian Statue, as it drops scraps whenever it suffers damage, and Charm Warders who can give her Disguised or Vanishing (if this model has activated, if it is a target of enemy action, the enemy must pass WP duel or the action immediately fails).


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Thanks. I'll definitely need to look at those new minions, and the adze does look like a nice addition. Roten does sound strong, I don't know how valuable she'll be in a crew that doesn't lean heavily on undead, but worth checking out.

The Obsidian statue does sound pretty solid with Mei, and wow, that Charmer sounds like it would allow her to turtle up even more...

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