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Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

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On the 4th February 2018 will be the annual vappafaux tournament.  Vappnartak is the annual wargame show hosted by York Wargames Society and held at the York Racecourse.

This will be a 50ss 3 round event with an extended lunch for you to be able to look around the show.  There will be space for 32 players and will using the most up to date GG document.

Cost of the event will be £15, (this is to go to room hire, prize and raffle support) and there will be a raffle and trophies for 1st, 2ND, 3rd, wooden spoon.   The money raised from the raffle will go to the charity that Vappnartak is following which was help for heroes last year.

Your placed can be secured by PayPal as a gift to graham.allington@sky.com

Like last year there will be no lunch included, though there is a restaurant on site.

Cut off date for tickets will be the 15 Jan so that I am able to sort out costs, for table hire, prizes etc.

The Rules Pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/ykiphcv1p8true3/Vapnartak 2018 Malifaux Tournament.docx?dl=0

Strats and Schemes for ease

Game 1

Corner Deployment

Strat – Supply Wagon

Schemes – Guarded Treasure, Inescapable Trap, Undercover Entourage, Public Demonstration, Vendetta


Game 2

Flank Deployment

Strat – Symbols of Authority

Schemes – Punish the Weak, Set Up, Dig Their Graves, Hold up their Forces, Take Prisoner,


Game 3

Close Deployment

Strat – Public Executions

Schemes – Eliminate the leader, Search the Ruins, Take one for the team, Show of Force, Recover Evidence



1 - James Doxey

2 - James Doxey +1

3 - Martin Jones

4 - Greg Pizkosz

5 - John Wharton

6 - Kevin Gillett

7 - Carl Lee

8 - Cai Bird

9 - Nicholas Carpenter

10 - Dan Haslam

11 - Joe Taylor

12 - Gareth Henry

13 - Paul Campbell

14 - Peter Sidaway

15 - Dan Wartnaby

16 - Dimitri

17 - Nathan Chenery

18 - Micheal Arnott

19 - Ross Hill

20 - Sam Wood

21 - Dave Laing

22 - Chris Holloway

23 - Martyn Nicol

24 - Andrew Bushell

25 - Kai Young

26 - Jamie Clark

27 - Lewis Phillips



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20 hours ago, Sarge strange said:

Sign me up lads coming up with team scotland  Joe gareth and Paul 

Michael Arnott 

Thanks for the funds see you in Feb

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6 hours ago, Euclid said:

Isn't Eliminate the Leadership the paired scheme for Public Execution in the final release of GG18?  I know there were some changes between Beta and Final but this is what the App (trustworthy source....) is saying.

Thanks for pointing that out, I thought I checked to see if there were any differences, I will check again

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6 hours ago, Bigbird990 said:

So are the S&S in the rules pack being used or the ones at the top of this page? 

Looking forward to it!!

The ones in the top thread are correct, The rules packs only difference is is guarded treasure, in game three as its changed when final version of GG came out

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Thanks to everyone who came to the show, hope you had a good event and if you have any feedback please leave it here.

We raised £158 for pilgrims bandits http://pilgrimbandits from the raffle, so thank you very much for supporting a great cause.

Question for you all?  How would people feel if Vappa became a two day tournament?

Now this is not saying it will happen, but would like to get your views before I look into it.

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