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Califaux Texas Edition: Fauxmageddon June 8th 2018- June 10th 2018

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REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!! Please see details below 

Califaux Texas Edition: Fauxmageddon

Califaux Texas Edition: Fauxmageddon Hello and welcome to Fauxmageddon! Do you have what it takes to win the Fauxmageddon showdown and claim the title of Fauxmageddon Master? This is your chance to gather your crew and battle it out in the Lone Star State to show the world that your meta has what it takes to be the Fauxmageddon Master! The East Coast meets the West Coast on the Gulf Coast for a test of true skill and strategy! The end is nigh and the Fauxmageddon approaches--will you win the duel to be the last meta standing?

Fauxmageddon is a 3-day weekend event held in Houston Texas at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy. The weekend will consist of a team tournament, a 50 soulstone 2-day master’s tournament, and a 50 soulstone story encounter. Gaining Grounds for 2018 will be followed.


Location: Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy

21151 Tomball Pkwy, Houston, TX 77070 (832) 761-0072

Dragons’s Lair is located just 20 miles from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.


Food & Lodging:

Fauxmageddon discounted rooms rates available at the Courtyard Marriott Houston Northwest.

(Information for how to reserve your room will be posted shortly)

Single and Doubles available at $79.00 per night. Located right behind Dragon’s Lair.

Courtyard Marriott Houston Northwest

11050 Louetta Rd, Houston, TX 77070


There is a wide variety dining options a within walking distance of Dragon's Lair.


How to register for Califaux Texas Edition: Fauxmageddon

We are using Best Coast Pairings for this event. This is an app available on both Android and iPhone or you can access it through a web browser at  www.bestcoastpairings.com. Registration will go live on 9/26/2017.

Here is how to register- Please paypal the pass amount and include what passes you are paying for to tyrantbuttercup@gmail.com. Include your name and location. I will enter all information into Best Coast Pairings.

(I was going to set up the online ticket purchase in BCP but it was too hard to do with the weekend pass and registering for each event separately)  

Weekend pass: $60.00

Day pass: $25.00



Fauxmageddon Team Event- Grab your partner and Do-si-do! $25.00 (included in Weekend pass)

(Rules to be posted soon)

When- Friday June 8th, 2018

Registration- 9:45 am. Please use Best Coast Pairings App.

Rounds: 3 or 4 depending on attendance



Fauxmageddon 50 Soulstone Master Qualifier $25.00 (included in Weekend pass)

Gaining Grounds 2018

When- Saturday June 9th, 2018

Registration- Time to be announced. Please use Best Coast Pairings App.

Rounds: 3 or 4



Fauxmageddon 50 Soulstone Master’s $25.00 (included in Weekend pass)– Top 12 from Saturday

Gaining Grounds 2018

When- Sunday June 10th, 2018

Registration- Time to be announced. Please use Best Coast Pairings App.

Rounds- 3



The Five Riders of the Armageddon, a 50 Soulstone story encounter written by Ted Prodromou $25.00 (included in Weekend pass)

A fun story encounter revolving around the Armageddon and the 5 riders. Written by Ted Prodromou!! Every table will have a trinket that the winner will get to take home.


Prize Support:

Friday Team Event, Sunday Master’s and Sunday Story Encounter will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies. Trophies will be beautiful handmade wood provided by CK’s Wood holding etched glass plaques. https://www.facebook.com/OurWoodIsOnDisplay/

Saturday- Raffle, best paint award, sportsmanship award and top 12 announced for Fauxmageddon Masters!

Sunday Masters Ceremony- 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies to be awarded to the Fauxmageddon Master’s!


Prize support and sponsors to be announced.

We are making a fate deck for this event! Details to come once we get it Wyrd approved.



Painting Competition:

Details to be posted soon. We are working on something fun and creative!                                                                                                                     







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Question re:  Team Tournament.  I'm putting together a PNW team.  Is it 2/3/5 people?  And are there limits for factions or masters or something?

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