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[Germany] Impromptu Demos in Rosenheim (Southern Germany)

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Hi all,

Malifaux made its way to the very southern Germany, not far from the border to Austria. After growing the community a bit i decided to take part in the henchmen Programm and here we are.

If you are interested in the game, let me know it: Write an email rtc.verein@gmail.com or contact me via pn and we will find some time where i can Show you the game.

We have some very nice Club rooms in Georg-Aicher-Straße 4 in 83026 Rosenheim where i usually play but im very flexible with the location cause of own Terrain and gaming mats.

I usually Play during the week from 8-17 but as mentioned, we will find the right time for both.



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Hey Guys,


Demos Are still available. The Community Also is still getting bigger (nearly 15 Active People up to now). Contact Me if ineterested.

our Campaign starts tomorrow with 11 participants and our First tournament is at the end of November. Get your Information and be prepared :-D


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Completely forgot to Keep this post updated :-D

The Demos are still running. We have 14 participants for the tournament this saturday so i think it will become very nice if you are interested come and have a look :-)

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