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Ludocrónicas de primavera

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On September 30th, we'll have the Spring version of the Ludocrónicas. It will take place from 11:00 to 19:00 at Constitución 85 in Santiago de Chile (barrio Bellavista). This event is the opportunity to learn about several board games, card games, RPG etc... Come to play with us! 

Malifaux will be present too. I'll run some demos. Don't hesitate to come by if you want to know more about Malifaux. If you're an experienced player, dont worry, we may also find a slot for a game or two ^_^

The event has been announced through facebook. Please come discuss about the games you'd like to discover at the Ludocrónicas:


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The Ludocrónicas were a great event. Big thanks to the organizers (Consuelo in particular) and the players who came by my table for demos of Malifaux. Thanks a lot to @Icarius too, who gently lent me his superglue when I forgot mine! Unfortunately, I did not take any picture, but somebody gave me this picture which shows the table where we played:


More pictures of the event and the other tables can be seen on the facebook page of the event:


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