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what terrain is best for malifaux?

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At the momment, my terrain collection is very limited and I can only use it for a couple scenarios so far this has not been much of a problem but is starting to get a bit boring. I would like to know what terrain you would recommend purchasing.

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I would suggest lots of little bits of terrain. Obviously it depends what sort of board you want to play on, but Large single pieces of Terrain (say for example GWs manner house) that you can't go in just remove large portions of the table. Malifaux games work on such a wide raneg of boards from widle west towns, to swamps, to sewers and Victorian style towns to forests that I can't recomend any one thing, but lots of smaller buildings makes more interesting game thn 1 or 2 large buildings, unless you can walk in the large buildings.  

Have a range of effects on your table for interest, so if you build a forest board, have some parts that are severe but don't block LOS, as well as some dense sections and some blocking sections (say really large tree trunks).

Try and get some hazardous terrain on every board. Its fun! 


EDIT - Just noticed that this is probably in the worse section of the board for this as Vassel is for playing on electronic boards so no need for you to actually own any terrain. It may be worth moving the topic to the Terrain section

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