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Returning player would like some advice.

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Hello everyone.

I'm returning (again) to the game having found some local players.  I played a few games a long time ago and have a small collection of the old metal gremlin models.  It's basically the 'Kin' box plus a couple of slop haulers and some young LaCroix.  These were from a time when Gremlins wasn't a full blown faction in it's own right.  I've picked up the latest rules and cards for my old models and I do have just enough to play games without a great deal of choice.  So far I've limited myself to Henchmen Hardcore as I try and remember how to play the game!

So what's the problem I hear you ask.  You thought it I'm sure you did.  Well the problem is that whilst I think all the latest models are really nice they just don't fit in with my old metal ones.  Nostalgia and the fact that I painted them quite well means that I'm not excited about mixing the two styles.  So I've decided that I want to branch out into a new faction as I get back into the game.  I just have no real clue which ones.  So instead of multi-posting across all the faction sub forums I though I'd try a post here.

In a futile attempt to assist anyone brave enough to answer this post here are some things that might help:

Rule of cool means I was thinking maybe the Viktorias from Outcasts.  The problem there is that I like to keep things themed so after that box I'm struggling a bit as Outcasts seem quite eclectic in there styles.

The fact that the Kin are imitations of Perdita and the Latigo Posse made me look there.  The Gulid seem to have more options within the same (cowboy steampunk) theme but is it a good or bad thing that I think it might just play too similar to the gremlins I have?

I'm just not sold on the Neverborn or Resurrectionists looks or concepts.

I have no clue about the Ten Thunders as they were not around last time I played.  However who doesn't like Asian influenced Ninja and Shaolin types?

In other games I tend to prefer the more elite forces that are flexible but brutal rather than the horde style forces (not applicable here) or the very high synergy/tricky/control forces that need to stay out of the fight and be clever.  For Malifaux I'll be playing a lot of Henchman Hardcore to start and whilst I wouldn't mind attending tournaments in the future this is not my 'hardcore tournament system' it's more about fun and theme and the aesthetics of it all.

So whilst I've written a wall of text I've probably not helped you much in answering the 'where do you think I should start looking for a new faction?' question I'm asking.  Any thoughts appreciated.

EDIT:  Just to add that the reason I'm asking and not just experimenting is that both cash and hobby time are very limited so wanted to avoid, if possible, going down blind alleys and ending up with a little of everything rather than a good core of stuff I can build on.

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You've picked rule of cool as your main requirement. I can't tell you what is cool, but I can say that there is a reasonably large pool of figure in the outcasts that could tie in with the Viks in terms of looks. Sure, you might not want the plagued stuff, or the void stuff, or the strange undead tormented stuff, but lookign at "mercenary" and bandit stuff in addition to the Viks box there is the Von schill and the Parker box, Hannah, Lazarus, Bishop, Johan, convict gunslingers, Hans, Misaki (although most other masters can't use her box), strong arm suit, killjoy, vanessa, big jake, desperate mercs, Wokou raiders, and dead outlaws.

Not all of these might fit your style, but even if half of them do, thats a lot to buy and paint before you can't get models to fit your theme. 


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@Adran Thanks for that.  More useful than you know.  I was not overly sold on Von Schill but you have pointed out that now Parker is a reasonable alternative.  I had it stuck in my head that I would have to get Hired Swords and Hired Guns but it seems not these days.  I'll probably end up with everything but as stated before the first few purchases are the make or break area as I'm trying to get started again.

I think that takes away my only real problem with going Outcasts.

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