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pandora crew addons


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i received pandora box,teddy and iggy. Im waiting from too long for a box of insidious madness( really love these models) but as they never arrive I am thinking about changing the purchase. So, the first two that come to my mind are lelu lilitu and primordial magic. Maybe stitched but they are oos too.what about will o'the wisp? Do you have any suggestion? Thanks!

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With Pandora, you have two routes to go down, so Brawler Pandora seems like your best bet if you are starting out. 

Basically, you utilise Pandora's box, and take 'The Box Opens' limited upgrade and abuse her misery aura. Doppelganger is a great model in general and when combined with Mr Graves, she can push Pandora into the enemies face very quickly. You can then build around the schemes. Sorrow can scheme run, but they are reliant on other models, so Insidious Madness are great with WK7. I agree with the Prim Magic, as its amazing, and lilitu can lure models into position for more Pandora madness, plus misery from the lure! 

I hope this helped mate, Pandora's second build utilises many Neverborn models, such as Prim Magic, Nekima, Doppel who's a Neverborn staple. But build how you like :D

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Doppleganger is one of those  models where people act like it's the second coming, but really it's just a very good unit. You can do well without it.

Insidious Madnesses on the other hand are some of the best scheme runners for Neverborn you you're going to want to get them. Wk 7 is impressive, but when you consider Incorporeal they just zip around the table. If you are determined to play Pandora and flip marker heavy schemes you'll want them available.

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The wisps can be quite useful. Especally if you take the Poletergiest or Teddy. Having a Wisp copy flurry for a (1) is great fun. I know its only Ca4 but quantity can often outweigh quality in this game. Also, Wisps call can be quite an annoyance. Especially if you're up against a melee centric crew.

For other models to take, I find Barbaros is rather good. Challenge is a great way of limiting your opponents actions (or at least their targets) and if you're running a crew with pounces in it (Baby Kade, Lelu & Lilitu) his pushes can come in handy.

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