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Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August


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Welcome to the August painting challenge. 

What is this?:  This is a friendly painting community, not a competition.  Remember that this is a fan-based thing only, and is not sponsored or approved by Wyrd in any way (i.e., screw-ups are on me, not them.).  I am simply continuing the tradition started by Jaxx23 and Vaiuri and maybe others before them.

Rules:   can be found in the Monthly painting challenge enrollment post.  Or just ask me.  Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge, but that means it is now too late to sign up this year. 

Tracking sheet: can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fUeZczizoFoMjwVDcJVpJtYkKiRvTOf5HpniRHrmijU/edit?usp=sharing

Posting:  At the START of the month: post a photo of your unpainted minis and any plans for them you have.  In the MIDDLE of the month: post work in progress photos if you want, or just banter about ideas.  At the END of the month: post your finished models and the Soul Stone Cost painted, and I will get this on the tracking sheet.  Post this by the end of the month.  And include the total soul stones painted. 

And go!

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This month I will be doing a Freikorps librarian for my academics list, and two wind gamin.  I have an idea that I haven't tried yet for a wind gamin.  Need to dig up some supplies to pull it off. 

There was a lot of great painting in July.  Let's keep it up as we pass the half-way mark.


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This month I'll be ambitious:

* Marcus - 15SS

* Coryphee - 4x7SS  = 28SS (I have four since I'm quite clumsy basing so instead of using the same two coryphees for the duet I got an extra box just for the duet).

* Rogue necromancy - 10SS

* Dawn serpent - 10SS 

* Sabertooth Cerberus - 9SS

* Slate ridge mauler - 8SS

In total, 80SS.




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My LGS is hosting a story encounter achievement league this month. One of the achievements is to play all 8 of the Masters from your declared faction. I am rolling Outcasts because I have 7 out of 8 Masters ready to hit the table. This month, by pledges will be the remaining master I need, plus some key models for other Masters. 



Jack Daw: 15SS
Scion of the Void: 8SS
Rat King: 8SS
Jaakuna Ubume: 6SS (picture to come - I have not purchased her yet!)
Total of 37SS

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Prepping for an upcoming local tourney, so back to my home faction for a bit. Nightmare Coryphee (2x7ss), Wind Gamin (3x4ss) to start with, then the Hodgepodge Effigy (4ss) and maybe finish up Sue (8ss)...maybe. If so, that'd be 38ss, but if a few orders come in to my LGS, maybe adding a few more things later.large.20170801_203458.jpg.9822950990099cd2468092444c0d9a1f.jpg

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Whoops, due to holiday preparation and working on our building site (we try to finish our house until the end of September), I completely forgot about the hobby :-/

Anyway, here's what's left of the Ressers:




I will paint as much as I can, the total stuff is:

  • Seamus and Mad Hatter
  • McMourning and Undead Dogs
  • Sebastian
  • 2 Nurses
  • 3 Drowned
  • 2 Hanged
  • this strange "I only consist of organs" crap miniature
  • 1 Crooligan and Bishop
  • Izamu the Armor

let's see what I can finish :-)

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WIP on my Dawn Serpent. Just have eyes, teeth and tongue done and base coats on everything else. I plan to take the yellow areas to orange and red and of course the green scales need much work. 1/2 the moustache broke off and is lost so I'm going with a plain snout. 😥



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Phew !....back to my paint table at last....burnt up my two mulligans along the way but hoping to be able to stay on course now....so...

For August I will finally finish Carlos Vasquez and a Mounted Guard that I got underway with ages ago...plus as they are well underway I will also be painting Mr Graves....I'll post a starter shot and WIP of Mr Graves in the next day or so...the others I'll just put up a finished shot as they happen

@Sandmann your Lone Marshall looks great - nice job

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