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Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August


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A painting day fell into my lap this week and I eagerly took advantage of it. Finished my other Performer, 2 Mannequins*, and 3 Mechanical Doves.

Total for the month: 36ss consisting of Jackalope (2ss), Dawn Serpent (10ss), 2x Performer (10ss), 2x Mannequin (8ss), 3x Mechanical Doves (6ss). 

*Using the same technique I got one Ok looking Mannequin and one that looks terrible. Very Frustrating. The terrible one looks "fine" at tabletop distance as shown below. 😉


album upload





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So this month I got done:

  • Parker (15)
  • Doc Mitchell (3)
  • Valedictorian (10)
  • Anna Lovelace (9)
  • Mad Dog (9)
  • Rail Golem (11)
  • 1 Bandito (5)
  • Kandara (7)

for a total of 69.

They're in my album located here: 


Malifaux is my first miniatures game, and I think I've come a long way since I started painting in January. This month I played around with washes a lot more as you can see with Mad Dog (went a little overboard with him maybe) and Anna especially. 

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So here are my August entries, from my original intentions two coryphees dropped (one in progress, the other one went for a walk and haven't come back yet). For the remaining models you can see that some of them have the base plain black, this is because at this moment I don't really know what to do with the basing so I'm waiting to see the full crew finished to see what should I do. 

So my total pledge is Marcus (15 SS) + two coryphees (14 SS) + rogue necromancy (10 SS) + dawn serpent (10 SS) + Sabertooth Cerberus (9 SS) + Slate ridge mauler (8 SS) = 66 SS. All in all I'm quite happy with the models, not so much with the color scheme of the dawn serpent (in my mind looked better, now I see it too simple) and of course I really hate the pictures I take, got to do something about it.







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On 30.8.2017 at 10:41 PM, Viruk said:

@klatschi - great work this month, I like the comic style, goes so well with the undead, keep it up and good luck with moving to a new place

Thanks a ton, I think Malifaux is a wonderful miniature design made for comic style ;-)

Looking forward to the new place. With big hobby room :D

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