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Monthly painting challenge 2017 - August


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"Please hold still honey, you're session will begin shortly. You're safe word for today is....   Non-existent" (tinkling laughter)

Seriously. Am I the weird one for painting her this way? I think the sculptor is the weirdo and it's not my fault. Either way this dangerous beauty takes me to 23ss this month so far.
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August pledges finished! I was also able to rip through the Brotherhood of the Rat boxset.

August Pledges: Jaakuna Ubume, Jack Daw, Scion the Void, Rat King - a total of 37SS!

Jaakuna Ubume. I lost one of the partially drowned heads in the carpet :( Not too noticeable though.

Jack Daw - the 1.5 Malifaux mascot! I love this old metal sculpt.

Scion of the Void. I was trying for a "void magic" look on her extended hand...

Rat King - the King in Yellow.

Brotherhood of the Rat. This was a serious quick and dirty paint job. Aside from the Yellow Rat king, everything else was painted in one night. Even the Pickle Rick rat. While painting the yellow Rat King, I felt like I was painting with mustard... so the other Rat King was painted red for ketchup.


So that is a total of 73SS painted this month.
37 for my pledge, plus 36 for the brotherhood box (I made sure not to double count the yellow rat king)

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I am going to need to use my first mulligan this month.  Life stuff took me out of the country this past weekend and my evenings are booked until the end of the month.  I will finish my librarian and wind gamin up next month, and maybe throw in another model for good measure.

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@prof_bycid hope it all works out for you...really like where you are going with the Wind Gamin

From me a blurry (hurried),low res WIP of the horse for my Mounted Guard...the shine will disappear when varnished tomorrow night...Carlos Vasquez is almost finished with his base...so as usual should just scrape past the post at the last minute but having been snowed under by work for the last two months at least I'm back painting again and already prepping next month's models



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Oh boy, what a month. Next month my wife and me will move, so I hope I can finish my pledge by painting some masters and pricier models :-P I'd like to not take any mulligan this year but we'll see how it turns out :-D


  • Izamu the Armor (10 Soulstones)
  • Yin the Pentagalagonihavenoclue (8 Soulstones)
  • 2* Hanged (je 9 Soulstones)
  • 3* Drowned (je 6 Soulstones)
  • 1 Crooligan (4 Soulstones)
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23 hours ago, prof_bycid said:

@Viruk You are only 1 SS short of your Master level---slap some paint on a peon and you'll have it!

Ouch, I thought that the min. was 15ss. Painting the Emissary and Bandersnatch was a big effort and took a lot of time (especially the former). I could do a quick paintjob on a single Tot or something like that but I hate rushing things when I paint so I guess I'm gonna need my first mulligan this month.


@wizuriel I like the color choices, vivid shades go well with the theme of happy drinking :)

@klatschi - great work this month, I like the comic style, goes so well with the undead, keep it up and good luck with moving to a new place

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5 hours ago, Burnin' Coal said:

@Franchute great palette choice on Angelica - really nice contrast with the skin tone - how did you shade her face ?...and what colours did you use for her skin if you don't mind me asking ? 

@Burnin' Coal thanks for your kind words even though the picture is not very good.

I started to paint this model in july,  could not finish it and I had to use my mulligan in the end. This means I dont remember all the details and the face is one of the first element I did. But I basically used the same colour set I used for my Ramos. Let me look for the colour names. Im in the subway now and Im not very good with my phone.

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@Burnin' Coal I found it. It was this thread:

I think I did not use the very basic colour because it was too orange to my taste. But the rest of the colours should be the same. For the shadows, I first used a dark brown, mayde agrax earthshade GW wash. At the end I applied the same pink colour I used for Ramos.

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