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Essential summons for Spirit Molly?


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In a similar vein to my earlier thread:

Your best choice of summon will obviously vary, depending upon situation. But what are considered to be the essential (i.e. most common) summons for a Molly crew packing Forgotten Path?

I own The Drowned, Night Terrors, Shikome and The Hanged. Do Goryo perform any roles that Shikome and The Hanged cannot fill? Is the Kirai box a necessary purchase (for Onryo)?

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Before I switched to horror Molly I found Onryo + Goryo to be very useful.

Summoning an Onryo is like summoning a bomb that gives out adversary and possibly slow, with the obligatory black blood. They're on of the easiest ways to give out adversary in a Molly crew.

Goryo are decent because the 50mm base allows them to gain a lot of wounds on the initial summon. If you summon them out of engagement they can charge a target that has adversary, on the turn they are summoned. Goryo are good because they fill they are the only thing you can summon on an 11, so they are nice to have if you can't quite summon a Shikome.

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