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Something, Something, Breachside - Sunderland Tournament 3rd September

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Ladies and Gentlemen, and those who identify as neither or both, I am pleased to announce the next Malifaux Tournament in Sunderland, in association with SGC. 

This will be a 50ss tournament using core book schemes and strategies. Registration at 9.30  

The tournament is at:

Deptford & Millfield Community Centre

Havelock Towers

Hilton Road


SR4 7XJ 

The rulespack can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jl0t1ursqdlkt44/Something Something Breachside Rules Pack.pdf?dl=0

Tickets are £10 per person including tea/coffee throughout the day, plus a can of pop, packet of crisps and a chocolate bar, payable in advance via PayPal to vincent_usher@yahoo.co.uk sent as a gift.

Spaces are limited to 16, so book early to avoid disappointment. 

1. Nate Zettle

2. Liam Galloway

3. Greg Piskosz 

4. Jonathan Layton

5. Kai Layton

6. Daryl Stoker

7. Jester Smith

8. Ashley Denney 

9. Jonathan Houchin

10. Stephen Gibson

11. David Dawson 

12. Paul Jones

13. Darren Longworth 

14. John Wharton 

15. Chris Taylor

16. Keiren Bradwell

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I live in the North East, but have only just got into Malifaux (i.e. have only bought the starter box split with my nephew).

It may be fun to spectate though...is that something that would be allowed?


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I'm looking at Including spectator tickets.

The cost would be £5 each, giving you a raffle ticket entry for the prize pool, can of pop, packet of crisps and chocolate bar, plus tea and coffee throughout the day. 

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Strategies and schemes for each round are as follows...

Round 1: Standard Deployment, Turf War. Schemes: A line in the sand, breakthrough, protect territory, cursed object, take prisoner 


Round 2: corner deployment, squatters rights. A line in the sand, distract, breakthrough, entourage, power ritual.


Round 3: close deployment, reckoning. A line in the sand, bodyguard, assassinate, vendetta, murder protege. 

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