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Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- July


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I've finally finished my most recent lot. 2 Guild Riflemen, 1 Sanctioned Spellcaster, and a Jackalope swarm to us with my metal Marcus crew. 17 soulstones if I recall correctly.



Unfortunately I still need to finish the Riflemen's bases. Since I was drawing a blank for their bases, I chose to use some old Victorian base inserts.

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Here are my models for July! It has been a very productive month, I hope August it's the same.

Mr. Cooper 15 SS + Baritone Lola 8 SS + Thin Lizzy 5 SS + Alternative Performer 5SS + 3 flying monkeys 3x2SS + 2 mannequins 2x4 = 47 SS








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9 hours ago, H4ml3t said:

@Viruk I like your blog. I was looking at your Rougarou pics and started looking around.

I also played Warzone way back in the day and even did some play testing with them. It was a fun game and world but it doesn't hold a candle to Malifaux. I still play a Warzone game once in a blue moon for old times sake.

Great work on your models this month.

Thanks, glad you like what you saw on my blog. I have fond memories of painting 1st ed. Warzone minis and playing the game, it sold me on the hobby. 

Next month I plan to paint Mysterious Emissary, one of my favorite (and least useful in game) minis from Wyrd. 


@Chou - these look amazing! 

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