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Skewers and flat craft sticks. What can I build?

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I'm in the process of trying to build up a terrain collection up from nothing and I'm trying to do it on the cheap. I'm new to all of this crafty hobby stuff and I'm shooting to have terrain that I can put on the table that is easily recognizeable for what it is supposed to represent. Once I have enough stuff to properly fill a table I'll probably start trying to add better pieces but would like whatever I put time and effort into now to still be usuable.

I spent a couple of bucks to buy a bag of wooden BBQ skewers (just under a foot long and a bit thicker than a tooth pick) and a bag of flat craft sticks (not quite as wide as a popsicle stick, with squared off ends) to build some fences. 

Unless I go crazy on fences I'm going to have a bunch of these things left over.  What else can I make out of these things (with other inexpensive components)? I've got buildings covered but still need all sort of other stuff to throw on the table.

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