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GM Tuck

Maylifaux Gaining Grounds Tournament- Conway, AR 5/13/17

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I am hosting an 8 player Gaining Grounds tournament Saturday, May 13th at Treasure Chest Games in Conway, AR at 12 p.m. We will be playing 3 rounds and will be using the 2017 Rotation. 

Rounds will be using 2017 Rotation for April- June :

Round 1- Extraction, Standard Deployment
Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Leave your Mark, Tail 'em, A Quick Murder

Round 2- Guard the Stash, Flank Deployment
Claim Jump, Accusation!, Leave your Mark, Hunting Party, Last Stand

Round 3- Reconnoiter, Close Deployment
Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Dig Their Graves, Recover Evidence, Mark for Death

Event fee is 10 dollars which will be paid out in 100% store credit. Hope to see you there!

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