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Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy - 19th August 17

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Hello All!

I am delighted to finally bring you the tournament details for Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy


Tickets are on sale now!



Thank you for your interest in my first, full scale Malifaux tournament!

Malifaux tournaments are returning to Dark Sphere in London for the first time in nearly two years. Dark Sphere is located close to Lambeth North underground station, or a short walk from Waterloo station.

I’m hoping to make this as beginner friendly as possible, and with that in mind I’ve tried to build in a little extra time between rounds. There will also be an award for the best placed “new” player to keep things interesting. To remove as much pressure on new players as possible, the strategies and schemes we will be using for the event are included below.


This will be a 32 player, three round, fixed faction event. Strategies and Schemes are pre-determined and are revealed below.

10:00      Registration

10:30      Game 1: Turf War // Standard Deployment

                                Claim Jump / Accusation / Leave Your Mark / Covert Breakthrough / A Quick Murder

12:30      Lunch & Painting Competition

13:30      Game 2: Headhunter // Flank Deployment

                                Claim Jump / Frame for Murder / Accusation / Show of Force / Hidden Trap

16:00      Game 3: Interference // Close Deployment

                                Claim Jump / Eliminate the Leadership / Dig Their Graves / Hunting Party / Set Up

18:00      Clear-up and prizes – expected finish of 18:30


There will be trophies handed out for the following achievements:

From the Heavens! (1st Place)   - £15*

Crushing Blow! (2nd Place)         - £10*

Knock Back! (3rd Place)               - £5*

The Construct (Last Place)

Best Painted**

Best in Faction

Welcome to Malifaux!***



1. Adam Perry

2. Aj Barr

3. Albert Cox

4. Andrew Humphrey

5. Conor McNama

6. Conor Rooney

7. Reice Chaudhry

8. Grant Dickenson

9. Jeroen van Riel

10. Jamie Toombs

11. Jay Clemens

12. John Burgess

13. Jonny Von Woozle

14. Liam Coupland

15. Marcus Rose

16. Richard Walters

17. Robert Buckingham

18. Ross Baker

19. Sean Wheeliker

20. Timothy Britton

21. Tobias Dracup

22. Vaughan Langton

23. Charles Braybrook

24. James Lee

25. Troy Ashdown








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Thanks all for your interest, and I hope to be able to give you more info soon. Been a bit of a delay due to some personal circumstances but getting myself back on track now - hope for more info over the weekend.


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