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Cannot be hired and Summoning


There are several models whose rules state they cannot be hired but must be summoned, the Ressur Mindless Zombie for example. They still have an SS cost, so do you pay the points when you're constructing your crew so you can summon them once the game begins? 

What about other summonings? Do you always have to pay the SS cost of models you plan to summon, or are models summoned in a random way essentially free?

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Soulstone costs of models are often added into the TN of the summoning action. You don't have to pay soulstones for your hiring pool, they're free. (If anything, you 'pay' for your hiring pool by making sure to pay for a full 7ss cache for your summoner so it can spend those 'stones to add the necessary suits to the summoning flips.) The card cost just helps determine what card you need to flip in order to summon them.

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