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Craft Spell Scroll. (Scribe Scroll Conversion)

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Hey guys I'm working on converting alot of goodies from Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, World of Warcraft and more! Its going to be a large personal project that Ill be sharing with you guys. Feel free to use my creations in your own games and leave feedback. Opinions on everything from balance to phrasing, and even grammar are welcome! 


Craft Spell Scroll.
Requirement: Literacy 3 or higher, A magic Skill 3 or higher.

This character can use soulstone dust infused ink to scribe spells upon parchment for later usage. This process requires materials costing the spells target number in scrip plus 3 scrip per immuto placed upon the magia . The magia and immuto inscribed upon the Spell Scroll need not be in your active grimoire, but must be magia or immuto you have access to in a grimoire or are treated as always having in your active grimoire; the base magia must use a magic skill of which you have a rating of 3 or higher. A Spell Scroll may be used by any character capable of reading it, and its ink fades away after one use. The Spell Scroll’s casting AV is calculated using the creator's literacy+the magical skill rating used to create the Spell Scroll; however, the creator may choose to lower the Av if they so wish. Creating a scroll uses the following Ongoing Challenge:

Craft Spell Scroll:
Skills allowed: Literacy
Target Number: 10+ 1 per immuto
Duration: 1 Hour
Success Requirement: 1+1 per immuto
Failure Requirement: 2
Special: Calculate your Literacy AV for this ongoing challenge using the magical skill rating for the Spell Scrolls Magia in place of the appropriate Stat. This Challenge Automatically fails if Attempted without both a Literacy and appropriate magical Skill-kit available.
1 Spell Scroll is created. If the creator wishes they may encode the Spell Scroll. An encoded Spell Scroll requires the bearer to succeed on a Scrutiny Duel vs Tn 10+The Creators literacy rating; unless they either know the Spell Scrolls code or have decoded the scroll in the past.
The materials used are destroyed, and the scrolls creator takes half of the Spell Scrolls AV in damage(rounded up.)

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On 4/22/2017 at 0:15 PM, CaptianEinsteinAlucard said:

This is super awesome, just imagine a paper scroll gamin that you scribed a spell on to

"Spell-bound Demise?" Lol lots of explosions, pretty horrifying for any player caught in it id imagine.

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