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Nathan Caroland

Welcome a new team member!

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Hey! alyssa great to welcome you aboard! 

Love the purple Gorgon! its awsome! Expecting your surprise to us with miniatures concept! 


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Welcome Alyssa!

Your artwork is amazing, I loved the self-portrait video, it was very eye-opening to see a computerised artist at work!  Titania and the mystery models also look incredible!

As for the medusa lady, I'll just leave this here for my guess!

1482448472602.png   becomes   Broken.thumb.jpg.a0a229846df3f9ca2eaa7b8

That's right, you heard it here first, the Trickster becomes medusa-lady!  Chompy really did a number on her if I'm right!

Also, the gremlin thingy's face really reminds me of Green Goblin!

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Amazing work, looking forward to see more. I really like how many can adapt to Wyrd's comical yet unique style. It's wonderful and great to see repeated in most designs that flows forth from Wyrd that relate to the Malifaux and Earthside universe.


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